Henan Jianye changed its name to Luoyang Longmen? Latest news:The name change has variables

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As the 2021 New Year’s bell strikes, the news that Henan Jianye club plans to change its name to”Luoyang Dragon Gate” Henan fans can’t sleep at night. On the social platform, the fans’ complaints are louder and louder, putting Jianye on the cusp.

In an interview with a reporter from Top News Dahe Daily, Jianye Club stated that the new name is still under review by the Chinese Football Association and may be revised based on the opinions of fans.

This time the neutralization was renamed, Jianye Club fought, and the fans also supported it. However, under the Chinese Football Association’s national chess policy, Jianye and the fans were unable to reverse it. Prior to this, Jianye issued a new name solicitation order, and fans participated in the interaction extensively. This shows that fans have gradually accepted the reality of the name change. They just look forward to a new name that satisfies all parties and can carry the love of football and Jianye. Emotions.

December 31, 2020 is the deadline for all clubs to submit new names to the Chinese Football Association. Henan Jianye is currently the only club to announce the proposed name. But from”Henan Jianye” to”Luoyang Longmen”, but the span of such a large change was unacceptable to Henan fans, which triggered Strong resistance.

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From the perspective of the fans, the new name”Luoyang Dragon Gate” really exceeded everyone’s expectations. The fans were unanimously opposed to removing the word”Henan”.

Although Jianye gave an explanation after the announcement, “This name is a decision made based on the comprehensive consideration of the Luoyang local government’s support for the club’s development. No matter which city is named, he will It belongs to Henan football.”

But in the eyes of the fans, this team has been representing Henan football for 26 years. After years of precipitation, countless Henan people have poured their emotions into it. The new name has a significant geographical label, which cuts the emotions of fans, widens the distance, and loses sustenance.

That night, a number of Henan fan organizations announced their immediate dissolution. A large number of fans who bought annual tickets shouted for refunds, and some radical fans even burned their jerseys…

“Announcement After the announcement, we have seen all the opinions of the fans and collected them. We almost stayed up all night.” On January 1, a person in charge of Jianye Club said frankly that the pressure on the club was indeed not small. He also emphasized again that Jianye Group will continue to support Henan Football and assume important responsibilities in the development of the new football club. Chairman Hu Baosen will not withdraw either, and Lao Hu is still an important investor in the new club.

It is worth noting that in the announcement of Jianye, the new name is still in the stage of”to be renamed.” The club will also listen to public opinion and will not rule out the possibility of making further changes. There are still variables.”

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