How about Chinese vaccines, what foreigners who have been vaccinated say?

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At the end of the year and New Year holidays, from Indonesia in Southeast Asia, Thailand to Bahrain, Turkey, Egypt, From Jordan, to Brazil in South America, Peru, more and more countries have announced good news related to Chinese vaccines, and some have approved Chinese vaccines Some of the emergency use authorizations are received from China for new crown vaccines, some are signed to purchase Chinese vaccines, and some are authoritatively released data on the effectiveness of vaccines developed in cooperation with Chinese companies… Some of the media in some countries can’t hide their excitement, saying”The Chinese vaccine is the gospel.” Objectively speaking, whether it is the new crown vaccine developed by Europe, the United States or China, people in many countries are full of expectations and doubts about this new vaccine that humans have. However, according to recent interviews with people who have been vaccinated with Chinese vaccines by”Global Times” foreign correspondents in many countries, most of them expressed their trust and affirmation of Chinese vaccines. The heads and professionals of the Ministry of Health in many countries also have a high evaluation of Chinese vaccines. These objective voices are undoubtedly a great encouragement for China’s vaccine research and development and participation in more international cooperation.

“Don’t worry about the new crown virus anymore”

In the face of severe epidemics, more and more countries are pinning their hopes on vaccinating their citizens with the new crown as soon as possible On the vaccine. According to the”Egypt people” website, Egyptian medical staff will become the first batch of Chinese vaccinators in the middle of this month. An official from the Egyptian Ministry of Health stated that “the safety and effectiveness of China’s new crown vaccine have been scientifically certified” and Egypt plans to order 40 million doses of vaccine from China.

According to the”Pyramid” newspaper, the Egyptian Ministry of Health has set up 34 vaccination centers in 27 provinces across the country, and will begin to vaccinate people from China on a large scale from later this month. Egypt’s Seventh Daily commented:“China’s vaccines are safe, reliable and trustworthy, and vaccines will be an important barrier for people to safely resist the epidemic.” In the eyes of Osama, secretary general of the Egyptian Medical Association, The Chinese vaccine is “safe, effective and easy to use”. He told the Egyptian people:”China’s inactivated vaccine uses traditional technology, the production process is relatively mature, and the safety and credibility are high. It is more suitable for use in Egypt, and it is recommended that Egyptian medical staff be vaccinated as soon as possible.” Osama also said that some vaccines developed by international companies need to be stored in an environment of minus 70 degrees Celsius, while Chinese vaccines are not restricted by these harsh conditions.

Noor, a 52-year-old Egyptian employee who has worked in a Sino-Egyptian textile joint venture for 15 years, told the Global Times reporter that as Sinopharm Volunteer in the Phase III clinical trial of the new crown vaccine, he has received two injections of the Chinese vaccine, with an interval of 28 days, without any discomfort. Noor also joked:”Not only is it safe, on the contrary, I feel more energetic and work more vigorously than before. Maybe this is a psychological effect. In short, I don’t need to be like other people who have not received the new crown vaccine. I’m afraid of the virus like that.”

The reporter from the Global Times paid the rent to the landlord Taufik two days ago At that time, the other party also took the initiative to inquire about the Chinese vaccine, asking”where can I get the Chinese vaccine”. Taufik said that some Egyptians have doubts about the newly developed vaccine in the world, such as fear of adverse consequences. Wait, there are others who want to use vaccines developed in the United States, but are frightened by the pandemic in the United States. In comparison, he and many Egyptians trust China’s vaccine most and plan to get it as soon as possible.

According to the news announced by the Ministry of Health of Turkey in December last year, Turkey has signed a purchase agreement with China Kexing Biological Co., Ltd. The contract for 50 million doses of the new crown vaccine, the first batch of 3 million doses arrived at the end of last year. Turkish Minister of Health Koja has repeatedly stated to the outside world through social media that the Koxing vaccine is safe and effective. According to the previous vaccination test on Turkish volunteers, the Koxing vaccine has an effective rate of 91.25%, and no serious side effects have occurred.

According to the Turkish newspaper”Freedom”, as a volunteer, Ilyas Yurbash, a doctor from the Turkish Diko Children’s Medical College, said in an interview with the newspaper that he had been vaccinated with China one month ago. With the vaccine, three weeks after the first vaccination, enough antibodies were detected in his body and he did not feel any discomfort. Dr. Yurbash said that there is no need for the public to worry about vaccinations.

“This vaccine is similar to the flu vaccine”

In order to effectively respond to the epidemic and return to normal economic and social life as soon as possible, the UAE, a rich country in the Gulf, was the first to implement national medicine One of the countries in the Phase III clinical trials of inactivated vaccines. In September 2020, the UAE approved the emergency use of Sinopharm vaccine among front-line workers. In early December, a large-scale vaccination site was established nationwide to provide free and orderly access to UAE citizens, residents and even international travelers.Vaccination.

The UAE has a population of 9.3 million, of which the foreign population accounts for 88.5%. As of early January, the number of people vaccinated in Ah has reached about 1 million. The UAE also purchased Pfizer’s BioNTech vaccine. It is normal for some Europeans and Americans and local residents affected by Europe and the United States to favor vaccines developed in Europe and the United States. However, according to the”Global Times” reporter, many foreigners have given priority to vaccination in China. Professor Chiosa is an Italian-American and currently teaches in the Department of International Politics at the American University of Sharjah. He and his wife voluntarily vaccinated the China vaccine two weeks ago and have not had any adverse reactions. Chiosa said:”I am very happy to have the opportunity to get the vaccine, because the vaccine can protect my health, as well as the health of my family and other residents in the community. The UAE can provide citizens and residents with free vaccination of China National Pharmaceutical Group The new crown vaccine is a great thing. I look forward to the second vaccination that will begin soon.” Sang Zhuo, a biology lecturer from the United States, also received the Chinese vaccine earlier this month. Before vaccination, she considered the risks and effectiveness of various vaccines. Sang Zhuo said:”I know we may have the opportunity to vaccinate other vaccines in the next few months, but previous studies have told me that the short-term side effects that may occur after vaccination in China are very small. We know that vaccines made using traditional techniques are safe The sex is high and the long-term side effects are minimal. I think that compared to the increasing infection rate, the risk of vaccination is very low.” After the vaccination, Sangzhuo had no other adverse reactions except for slight muscle aches. Sandro said:“As residents of the UAE, we should be vaccinated so that we can return to a normal life.” Olivia, an American who has lived in Dubai for more than ten years, received a second dose of the Chinese vaccine on January 6. I am very grateful to the UAE for providing free vaccines to all residents of the country, and said that “vaccinations are a very worthwhile thing to do”.

A friend of the Global Times reporter in the UAE and a Filipino doctor working at the Dubai Health Bureau’s affiliated hospital could have given priority to the Pfizer vaccine, but on the morning of January 3, she was still with the local government The working husband lined up for 3 hours to get the Sinopharm vaccine. They said that in addition to considering the safety of the Sinopharm vaccine, the demonstration effect of the UAE leader is too great.”The vice president and prime minister and many government ministers have been vaccinated with the Sinopharm vaccine.” British Iraqi Mina also chose the Sinopharm vaccine. She said:“Because the UAE government has approved this vaccine. I believe in the UAE government and the Chinese government. In my opinion, this vaccine is similar to the flu vaccine and uses traditional vaccines. Technology, not complex genetic technology.”

Professor Chai Shaojin of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Sharjah was a volunteer who participated in the Phase III trial of the Sinopharm vaccine last year. According to him, medical staff from the UAE Ministry of Health, Abu Dhabi Health Service Company (SEHA) and other institutions and volunteers from all over the country have made great efforts to ensure the smooth progress of trials and vaccination. After being vaccinated, he will regularly receive inquiries from the health department to follow up on his physical condition after the vaccination. Chai Shaojin believes that the efficient and professional services of SEHA and other institutions provide a solid guarantee for the large-scale vaccination of Sinopharm vaccines and will contribute to the UAE government’s goal of achieving 50%of the population’s vaccination by March.

Not only did Europeans and Americans living in the UAE choose the Chinese vaccine, but Rich, an American working in Beijing, also received the Sinopharm vaccine on January 8. Rich told the”Global Times” reporter:”This vaccine has been given millions of doses in China, and I don’t think it will have any adverse effects on my body.” He also hopes that there will be more and more trials. The data are released one after another. When asked how the media in some European and American countries questioned China’s vaccines, Rich said:“People should believe that even though China and the United States are quite different, the scientists of the two countries share the same philosophy and the same. Standard vaccines are developed, but China has its own style of doing things.”

“The higher the income, the more trust in Chinese vaccines”

Sao Paulo, Brazil’s Butantan study The Institute announced on January 7 that the effective rate of the new crown vaccine developed in cooperation with China Kexing Company was 78%. Reuters reported on the 8th that after the release of the effectiveness test data, the Brazilian government stated that it had signed an agreement with the institute to purchase vaccines. The local government of Sao Paulo state stated that as of the end of December last year, the state had 10.8 million doses of Coxing vaccine and will start vaccination on January 25. According to a survey conducted by the Sao Paulo Page, the higher the local income and the higher the education level, the higher the trust rate of Kexing vaccine. Natalia, the founder of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, told the”Global Times” reporter that when the third phase of the Coxing vaccine is over and the data proves its safety and effectiveness, she”will definitely get the vaccine.” Natalia also mentioned that the Brazilian federal government and the Sao Paulo state government had different opinions on the issue of vaccines in China, but”that is a political difference, not a scientific issue.” Will face the same situation.

“China’s new crown vaccine is filling the gap left by Western competitors for poor countries.””New York Times” Such a discussion was made recently. New crown vaccine selection and vaccination do face some difficulties in developing countries such as South Africa. South Africa’s independent media reported recently that South African Minister of Health Mukez said that he has discussed with many pharmaceutical companies around the world to purchase the new crown vaccine. However, Modena and AS Likang all stated that there is no”target” for South Africa this year, and Pfizer agreed to provide 50 million vaccines to South African medical staff after March this year. According to South African media, the”discounted price” of Pfizer’s vaccine to the South African government is US$10, which the South African government still finds too expensive. South Africa’s “Daily Surprise” website wrote and analyzed that it does not make sense to explain South Africa’s delay in obtaining vaccines from a financial perspective. Why some underdeveloped countries in Africa and South America continue to vaccinate the new crown vaccine because of the vaccine selection and vaccination steps in these countries It is more flexible in terms of management, such as trying to buy vaccines from Russia and China,”this is not a strategy to give priority to vaccination.” After the virus has mutated, some South African medical experts said that China’s technology for inactivated vaccines is mature and its ability to respond to virus mutations is also strong. Sinopharm and Kexingdu adopted the technical route of inactivated vaccines. Many foreign media reports mentioned that inactivated vaccines are less likely to be affected when the mutation of the new coronavirus occurs in many parts of the world. This has become an addition to Chinese vaccines. sub option.

The Peruvian government has reached an agreement to purchase the first batch of vaccines with China National Pharmaceutical Group. The total amount of vaccine purchases is 38 million doses, of which 1 million doses will arrive in Peru in the near future. According to the observation of the”Global Times” reporter in Peru, in the next two days, news of the government’s purchase of Chinese vaccines occupied the headlines of major Peruvian media. For example, the headline of”Business Daily” was”The first batch of vaccines finally came this month”, The headline of”Peru 21″ is”Vaccine Gospel”, the headline of”Express” is”We have a vaccine” and so on. Alva, the second vice chairman of the Peruvian Congress, said that Congress will fully support the new crown vaccine vaccination plan and emphasized that all details of the negotiations will be highly transparent. According to Dr. Tycona, head of vaccine clinical trials at the National University of San Marcos in Peru, the efficacy of the new crown vaccine needs to reach 65%before it can enter the market. So far, no vaccine has an effective rate of 100%. He believes that if the effective rate of the vaccine is between 80%and 90%, it is quite good. According to Ticona, since Peru opened the registration channel for vaccine volunteers, the number of volunteers who signed up for the Sinopharm vaccine clinical trial was the largest. They participated in the clinical trials at the National University of San Marcos and Cayetano Heredia University. test. Up to now, Peruvian experts have noticed that some volunteers vaccinated in Europe and the United States and Chinese vaccines have experienced similar headaches, muscle or joint pain, and fatigue. Experts believe that it is normal to have some uncomfortable reactions after vaccination. What is important is its effectiveness and safety. Carlos Durand, chairman of the Peruvian National Chamber of Commerce for Trade, Production, Tourism and Services, said that the Peruvian government announced the purchase of the new crown vaccine from China Sinopharm Group, which has generated positive expectations for the Peruvian business community. He said that the new crown vaccine is a turning point in the economic recovery, which will help accelerate the recovery.

Dr. Mateo, a Peruvian epidemiologist, said in an interview with the”Republic” on January 10 that some people expressed doubts about the Chinese vaccine,”this is an unfounded bias.” He said:”Sinopharm Group has published the first and second phase of the trial research report in the”Lancet” magazine. The magazine is not a Chinese magazine. In short, the vaccine has been published in a prestigious global publication. The material has been recognized by international scholars.” Mateo also said:“Although Peruvians believe that innovation (products) is from developed to developing countries (transition), (vaccine) is developed by Europe and the United States and then purchased by Peru. But in fact China is already a powerful country with many laboratories and excellent scientific research capabilities.”

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