How can CBA’s”top-tier role” be a referee

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=2f092643034d8d6b357cbf78d2acedfe - How can CBA's"top-tier role" be a refereeOn January 10, in the match between Beijing Shougang and Shenzhen Men’s Basketball Team, the referee became the focus again. Photo courtesy of Visual China

Faced with the referee Wang Mei’s penalty for violation of the body, the Shougang Men’s Basketball Team quit. They are very clear about what the penalty means—Shenzhen Men’s Basketball Team will get a free throw opportunity , And will also have the ball, which is equivalent to objectively allowing the Shenzhen Men’s Basketball team to win the game. Therefore, the acting head coach Xie Libin was angry, the players were angry, and even prepared to leave the court in protest.

Fortunately, the situation did not become uncontrollable. The game ended hurriedly after the Shenzhen team took a free throw. However, it is inevitable that the controversial decision of the referee at the last moment put the”CBA referee” on the hot search again.

A considerable number of fans believe that there is no problem with the referee’s penalty. In terms of the penalty procedure, the referee on duty does have the right to make no initial judgments during the game, but they have actions such as”drilling, stepping, and hitting dangerous parts”, and the judgment is made through video playback. The live video playback showed that although Liu Xiaoyu tried to control his body, he was suspected of infringing on the cylinder of the Shenzhen Men’s Basketball foreign aid Booker .

But many fans also pointed out that this action is not enough to be regarded as a”stepping”, and they showed that Liu Xiaoyu encountered Qingdao male basketball player in the last Shougang match.Yang Jinmeng made an analogy with the elbow. At that time, after watching the video playback, the referee on duty did not escalate the penalty to a physical foul, but determined that it was just an ordinary foul.

Whether Liu Xiaoyu was”elbowed” and whether he”stepped his feet”, whether it constitutes a violation of the body and the foul, is to be determined by experts from the relevant departments of the league, but one thing is clear, it is the same type of action However, the results of the penalties in the two games are completely opposite, which is often discussed by fans and the media. Why are referees in the same league seriously inconsistent in the scale of penalties, and this is the biggest controversy of CBA referees.

As for the problems of referees, CBA also admits that the current level of refereeing cannot keep up with the development level of the league. However, what is puzzling is that the powers of these referees who cannot keep up with the development level of the league have not been effectively restricted, but have been inexplicably expanded.

Not long ago, the former golden whistle of the CBA and the director of the CBA League Referee Committee Yang Maogong was a related referee The show pointed out that this season’s CBA league should strictly manage dirty actions, bench staff, and athletes’ complaints about referees’ penalties. Therefore, what we have seen is that in this season’s CBA arena, Technical fouls penalties are almost everywhere. This strict management may have played a deterrent effect in the initial stage, but as the game deepened, people discovered that the referees were given this kind of power abuse.

If players are dissatisfied, they will get a”T” (technical foul), especially those young players who are not deeply involved in the world. They may not start communicating with the referee, but just because of an expression, they will be blown. A technical foul was fined. The coaches also have difficulties. The former head coach of Zhejiang Guangsha, Li Chunjiang, just because he was in the game, persuaded the team bench The personnel”don’t even speak” and were whistled for technical fouls, making Li Chunjiang inexplicable.

With the deepening of the league, when players and coaches gradually adapt to the referee’s whistle-blowing scale of technical fouls, some referees have begun to”intensify”.

On the same day that the Shougang men’s basketball team almost went on strike, in the match between Jiangsu Men’s Basketball and Guangzhou Men’s Basketball Team, The head referee even said something threatening to Jiangsu player Shi Hongfei during the match:”Do you want to play?” Shi Hongfei’s complaint about the referee’s penalties is untenable. It is also very inappropriate for the referee to say this. After all, the primary responsibility of the referee should be the server of the game, not the condescending power of life and death.

There are also some referees’ behaviors, which are equally ridiculous. On the same day, during the match between the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team and the Qingdao Men’s Basketball Team, the referee said to the Liaoning Men’s Basketball coach Yang Ming:“You can’t get up from your chair, otherwise it’s a technical foul.” This magical remark was immediately made. After a hot search, netizens also posted various posts,”You are too handsome to stand up”,”Referee:You stand up, who is looking at me”,”Is the fairness gone? The Qingdao coach is also standing.” Yes”…

On the same day, in 3 games, CBA rushed to the hot search 3 times, not because of the game itself, not because of the players’ performance, but because of the referee’s controversial penalties and comments on the court. This cannot but be said to be the biggest tragedy of the difficult restart of the CBA. Since the start of the new CBA season, referees have become the most eye-catching”top stream” of the league, and many netizens have been elevated to mutual attacks between regions. The social significance of the restart of CBA and what a professional league should be The social responsibility undertaken will undoubtedly be greatly reduced.

Therefore, the managers of the league should reflect on a question:Is it a big advantage or a big disadvantage to give some referees who are not good at business ability and professionalism such a great power? The authority of the referee should be maintained, but when the lack of supervision power is abused, who should supervise it? Who will restrain the referees who frequently cross the line and cause controversy?

Under the epidemic, the CBA League can successfully rematch, including athletes, coaches, staff, and hosting locations As a result of the joint efforts of the government, these events originally provided important spiritual food for countless people who love basketball. But the athlete is the protagonist of the game, when the referee surpasses the players and the game itself and becomes the”flow responsibility” of the CBA. This is worth thinking about.

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