In 2021, is Wang Jianlin, who is worth a big dive, still thinking about playing football?

By yqqlm yqqlm

Wang Jianlin is almost 70 years old. At that time, he was the first to eat crabs in football. The word”Golden Yuan” came from him. For that period of history nearly 30 years ago, Pharaoh is proud to this day. In an event with Jack Ma, facing the younger generation, Pharaoh still spit on the stars and said:”I was The team is invincible in Asia!”

Together with Lao Wang’s team, there is also Lao Wang’s brand. At the end of 1990, a survey showed that in first-tier cities, 5 out of 10 people knew Lao Wang’s brand. On another occasion, Pharaoh went to Singapore for an investigation and wanted to visit a local consortium. At first, people didn’t look down on him. When he heard that Pharaoh’s team was a Chinese champion, he met with pleasure.

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Of course, in order to maintain this honor, Lao Wang also paid his blood. In the 1990s, he directly took 200,000 cash into the locker room, which has a kind of rough beauty. This free and easy effort was not surpassed by Old Xu until 20 years later-it’s just that 200,000 yuan has also become 20 million yuan. I don’t know if I think it is Chinese football that inflation is.

In 2016, Wang Jianlin’s peak. That year, Lao Xu, who imitated him, won the championship again. Seeing that Lao Wang was a little bit sorrowful, he shouted domineeringly in a video:”Old Xu wants to do this again. I don’t rule out that I will break the wrist with him.” Over time, Lao Wang’s wealth evaporated 73.7 billion yuan, winning the crown of the year’s most shrinking rich. Fortunately, Lao Wang Shanghai has gone through a wave of textbook-like survival.

After the storm returned, Lao Wang fulfilled his promise and returned to Dalian football, but he stopped mentioning it The brazen ambition of breaking the wrist back then just said”feelings.” However, for this sentiment, Pharaoh still sincerely got Carrasco and Gaitan, and later Hamsik Invite Dashuai Bei to lead the world and change the club name to a neutral name.

It’s just that this momentum came to an abrupt halt in 2020. Carrasco and Hamsik sent away one after another, leaving Benitez with only a group of young people. If it were not for the favorable competition system , Pharaoh’s team may bid farewell to the Super League.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=c2da42597f6d28936d7dd1985dffd3c2 - In 2021, is Wang Jianlin, who is worth a big dive, still thinking about playing football?

But compared to off-court, these problems on the field are more comforting for Lao Wang. At that time, Lao Wang said:”I think real estate makes money, but it has a bad reputation.”

In recent years, Lao Wang has focused on culture. In 2012, Pharaoh spent US$2.6 billion to buy the largest theater chain in North America. Afterwards, Pharaoh did not sell off the industry even in times of crisis. It’s just that the old king who survived man-made disasters did not expect natural disasters.

There is an epidemic, and the cinema is in a hurry. US$2.6 billion has also become US$500 million. Lao Wang’s film company went from 140 billion yuan at its peak to 30 billion yuan. This banknote is like a meteor in the sky:”Well, if you say nothing, then nothing.” In the face of the unpredictable 2021, does the stubborn king still have the heart to play ball?