International Olympic Committee President Bach:Will go all out to ensure the Tokyo Olympics

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International Olympic Committee Chairman Bach said at a press conference on the 27th that the IOC We are”going all out” to ensure the holding of the Tokyo Olympics.

Bach said at the press conference that due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, there are currently many speculations about the Tokyo Olympics. Speculation hurts athletes from various countries who are preparing for the battle.”The job of the International Olympic Committee is to host the Olympics, not to cancel the Olympics. We are working day and night to host a safe Olympics and will not encourage these speculations.””The IOC is not guessing whether the Tokyo Olympics will be held. , But researching how to hold it.”

Bach pointed out that recently a large number of international sports events have been held all over the world. With the help of relevant epidemic prevention measures, these events have been successfully held. Therefore,”hosting the Tokyo Olympics is not based on wishful thinking, but has a solid foundation.””Hosting the Tokyo Olympics is not irresponsible. If we think that the Olympics are not safe, we will not stick to it.”

Regarding the issue of vaccinating athletes against the new crown, Bach said that the International Olympic Committee”encourages” as many athletes as possible vaccinations And has written to 206 member Olympic Committees, asking them to get in touch with the governments of their respective countries or regions to discuss vaccination matters. But Bach emphasized that medical staff and the elderly are the priority groups for vaccination, and athletes cannot jump in.

Bach also said that it is still unclear whether spectators will be allowed to watch the Olympic games. “Everyone hopes that there will be lively crowds at the games, but safety is the first priority.” (Receptionist Yi Xin)

Source:CCTV News Client