Internet “manuscript washing” survey: website software “second washing” writers take orders in batches

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Internet “manuscript washing” survey: website software “second washing”, the writer receives orders of ten yuan per thousand characters

The Paper Journalist Zhao Siwei

Wang Xing (pseudonym) Claiming that the article he wrote was “washed” again, a self-media blogger in the same field adjusted the sentence in his article and reposted it again. He was a little helpless and opened the complaint page again. Having devoted himself to the field of childcare and creating from the media for many years, Wang Xing claimed to have been “washed” many times. He laughed at himself and re-recognized the profoundness of Chinese characters.

Wang Xing’s experience is not alone. At the beginning of January 2021, The Paper (www.thepaper.cn) found after several days of investigation that there is still a “manuscript washing” business chain on the market. The “manual + machine” dual-track “manuscript washing” model has caused many original articles to have been Disassemble and take away”.

“Manuscript washing” software and some “pseudo-original” websites claim that the article can be segmented without changing the semantics, automatically adjust the word order in the paragraph, delete and replace words, and achieve “Finished”. In addition, writers are active on the Internet platform, undertaking “manuscript washing” business on a large scale, and receive remuneration at prices ranging from 10 yuan to 30 to 40 yuan per thousand characters. Some “studios” even recruit a large number of part-time writers, and train “manuscript washing” skills and methods to evade platform originality detection.

This has become a “cat and mouse” game. Although self-media platforms and regulatory authorities continue to crack down on it, “manuscript washing” infringement is like a chronic disease in the self-media field.

On November 11, 2020, the newly revised “Copyright Law” was officially released and will be implemented on June 1, 2021.

In this regard, Liu Bin, a consultant from Beijing Zhongwen Law Firm, who has long been concerned about the protection of intellectual property rights, analyzed to reporters that the highlight of the new version of the Copyright Law lies in “increasing the statutory compensation amount” and introducing a “punitive damages system” , Has a deterrent effect on possible infringements, which is equivalent to putting on a “tight tie.”

There are many “washing, pseudo-original” tools on the Internet

“The pseudo-original degree of paying members can reach ‘100%'”. The customer service of the “Article Collection Pseudo-original” website named “Naipan.com” told reporters.

Internet “manuscript washing” survey: website software “second washing” writers take orders in batches

Named ” The “Article Collection Pseudo-original” website of “Naipan.com” claims to reduce the false originality of free users to 50%. However, after communicating with the customer service, the other party told reporters that the false originality rate of paying members can reach “100%”, achieving thorough “washing”.

This seemingly simple website has functions such as article collection and pseudo original creation. “Using pseudo-original tools can instantly turn articles copied on the Internet into your own original articles.” In order to attract customers, the website wrote on the homepage that the software uses certain analysis rules and algorithms to segment articles, and replaces thesaurus with synonyms , Can generate original articles without changing the semantics of the article.

The reporter randomly enters a 4870-word original news article, using the “pseudo-original” function, the system will “cut” 3258 words after the article is analyzed, 230 random replacements for free users, and 503 replacements for upgraded members . Compared with the original material, the article after the “pseudo-original” changed “narration” to “narration”, “China” to “my country”, “establishment” to “establishment”, “exploration” to “exploration”, etc. Replaced synonyms.

The customer service told reporters that their customers come from all walks of life, most of which are self-media practitioners.

Recently, the reporter searched Baidu with keywords such as “manuscript washing software”, “pseudo original tool”, “manuscript washing machine” and other keywords, and obtained a number of online posts or websites recommending corresponding software. Online posts usually advertise, and you need to add WeChat or QQ chat at the bottom; the website may provide online services directly, or you need to download recommended software to use.

On the platform “Niu Ant Writing”, which claims to be one-stop article collection and original publishing, reporters found that by entering keywords, you can get articles from platforms such as Toutiao, Zhihu, and Baijiahao. Figure writing material. The reporter entered “Luoxue” and added a randomly retrieved 672-word essay to the article database, and then used the “one-click original” function. One second later, the 672-word essay became 718 words.

Compared with the original article, some original nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives have been added, deleted and replaced in the article after “Smart Original”, and almost every paragraph has been changed.

As in the original article, “The peaceful and quiet campus is like an old man for charity. With his blindfolded eyes closed, snowflakes jumped on his wrinkled face, and finally became him His beard and eyebrows, quietly looking into the distance.” After this sentence was “intelligent original”, it became “a peaceful and quiet campus, like a charitable old man, with his blindfolded eyes closed, and snowflakes jumped on him.” The wrinkled face finally turned into his beard and eyebrows, quietly looking into the distance.”

“After the transformation, the pseudo originality of the article can reach about 80%, and theoretically it can reach 100%. Ninety percent of customers can basically pass the platform’s originality test.” When asked how much false originality can be achieved, a staff member named Liu who is in charge of technology at NiuYi told reporters, saying that there is no need to worry about plagiarism detected by the platform. .

In addition to the above websites, there is also “manuscript washing” software.

The software named “The AI ​​version of the self-media development software” claims that it guarantees to pass the original detection of the self-media platform, and is suitable for self-media platforms such as Toutiao, Penguin, and Sohu. “One key in 2 seconds Smart Washing”.

Internet “manuscript washing” survey: website software “second washing” writers take orders in batches(1)

Named ” The software of “self-media development software AI version” claims to pass the software “washing” and can pass the original detection of self-media platform. The pictures in this article are all from The Paper Journalist Zhao Siwei

The reporter randomly input a 4866-word original news. After using the “washing” function, the comparison found that the modified article adds or deletes almost every sentence Nouns, adverbs, and verbs are used, and some nouns are replaced with synonyms.

“It will capture the high-volume content that is read on the entire network, break up the text and reorganize it, avoiding the platform’s machine-judged plagiarism review, so as to perfectly meet the platform’s “high-quality manuscript” standard.” One “manuscript washing” software introduced itself like this.

Someone recruited writers to take batch orders to “wash manuscripts”

On November 23, 2020, Zhang Lin (pseudonym) posted a post on Baidu Tieba “Writing Manuscript Bar”: “Ten yuan for a thousand characters, the order is received, and the originality must be 70%.” Soon, many users below left a message asking for contact information, and Zhang Lin left her WeChat account.

Internet “manuscript washing” survey: website software “second washing” writers take orders in batches(2)

User Baidu Tieba’s “Writing Manuscript Bar” posted a post: “Thousand characters and ten yuan, the manuscript received the order, the originality must be guaranteed 70%.”

On the idle item trading platform “Xianyu”, claimed to accept The “manuscript washing” business of Qimao Studio puts out an advertisement “written from the media Baijiahao, Penguin, Toutiao, and Dayuhao articles in various fields, 6 yuan per thousand words, starting with 100 articles.” It is accompanied by a backstage picture released on Baijia after “washing”.

After adding WeChat, a writer surnamed Xu sent 4 “manuscript washing” articles covering history, science and technology, and film topics, all of which were posted on Baijiahao. He told reporters that his studio specializes in “manuscript washing” business, and generally accepts the agency’s business orders, starting at 300 articles, each with 800 words plus 6 pictures, 40 yuan per article.

The writer surnamed Xu said that in addition to the relative difficulties in the automotive field, science and technology, history, tourism, agriculture, rural areas, constellations, workplace, entertainment, emotions and other fields can be “washed” and emotional fields are “washed” “There are many hot styles. “You can give you as little as 4.5 yuan per one thousand characters, but no pictures.”

According to the writer, customers specify topics or fields, and they collect materials and manually “wash the manuscript.” After “washing”, the originality of the article will be tested, which can basically reach about 60%. It can pass the original test of the self-media platform and will not be recognized as plagiarism. If individual articles fail to pass, they will also rework and modify.

Reporters searched with keywords such as “receiving orders”, “self-media washing”, “pseudo original washing” and found that there are a large number of platforms on Baidu Tieba, Douban, QQ, Xianyu, etc. Related advertising online posts and communities.

Internet “manuscript washing” survey: website software “second washing” writers take orders in batches(3)

In “Douban “The “washing manuscript” advertisement net post appears.

Internet “manuscript washing” survey: website software “second washing” writers take orders in batches(4)

In idle items On the trading platform “Xianyu”, Qimao Studio, which undertakes the “manuscript washing” business, advertised “Writing articles from the media in Baijiahao, Penguin, Toutiao, and Dayuhao in various fields, professional writer, 1000 words 6 Blocks, starting with 100 articles.”, below the advertisement, there is a backstage picture released on the Baijia account after “washing”.

The QQ group named “Writers on behalf of others to take orders and place orders” has 1975 users and often keeps more than 1,400 online. Within a few days after the reporter joined, members continued to post tasks of writing and “washing manuscripts” in the group, looking for writers, and interested parties would add QQ private chats. A user named “Zhuang” posted a message saying that he needed film commentators, who could either “wash the manuscript” or create originals; the user named “Shawshank’s Nine Uncles” was also recruiting writers, saying that they needed “washing” in the sports field. Draft”, unlimited.

Internet “manuscript washing” survey: website software “second washing” writers take orders in batches(5)

Some users posted According to the news, it is said that a film narrator is needed, which can be “washed” or original.

Recruiting writers, called placing orders, after placing orders, someone will take orders.

Internet “manuscript washing” survey: website software “second washing” writers take orders in batches(6)

Rough statistics from reporters , On the QQ platform alone, there are hundreds of communities that accept orders for “washing” articles. The scope of “washing” articles covers automotive, medical, entertainment, games, film and television and other fields.

The QQ group of 134 people named “long-term medical pseudo-original manuscript editing group” recruits part-time writers for a long time, responsible for “washing manuscripts” medical articles, each article is about 600 words, commission 3.5 yuan, originality degree To reach 65%. The group owner called the process of “washing manuscripts” a “copy project”. “It is not a problem to copy hundreds of articles every day.” The group announcement introduced.

The group leader sent the reporter a question of “What to do with lumbar spine fractures and constipation”, saying that after the trial draft is passed, you can register for the task. Before the trial draft, there are articles on the “pseudo-original” process and techniques in the group file And corresponding video materials, newcomers must learn first.

One of the articles introduced in detail how to receive tasks on the pseudo-original editing platform, as well as the methods of collecting online materials, fetching titles, writing text, and formatting attention.

Another medical pseudo-original QQ group that claims to be responsible for providing questions and answers to some websites. It has recruited part-time writers for a long time. There are currently 453 people. The group leader will organize members in the “Colorful Rainbow” The platform “washing”.