Is Biden next to a”Chinese bodyguard”? Public identity

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Source:Global Times New Media

At the inauguration ceremony of Biden, a person beside him Asian men have attracted the attention of netizens. According to US media reports, this Asian man is an agent of the US Secret Service responsible for coordinating the president’s security. However, many South Korean netizens discovered a”bright spot” from this news.

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Source:NBC News, USA

According to the information, the agent is named David Cho (David Cho, transliteration), and the information shows that he is a Korean American. President Trump also held the same position during his tenure. He participated in the security work during the two meetings between Trump and Kim Jong-un. In 2019, he was awarded a special medal by the US Department of Homeland Security for outstanding work performance.

Although there has been news that Biden is considering replacing some of the Secret Service members who have followed Trump, David Zhao, known as the”No. 2 Person” of Trump’s security team, was retained and became a security officer serving two consecutive presidents.

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Picture intercepted from CNN video

Many Korean netizens found a”bright spot” from this Korean-American agent. In Korean, David Zhao’s surname is pronounced very similar to Biden’s name”Joe”. Many Koreans laughed and said:”David Zhao, Joe Biden, both inside and outside the White House become their old Joe’s home. The site is now!”

“Bodyguards still have to use their own talents to rest assured!”, another South Korean netizen joked.

Perhaps I saw that netizens in the United States and South Korea were very interested in this paragraph. In related reports on NBC News in the United States, the author also interviewed relevant experts to popularize the source of Korean surnames to readers. .

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Related paragraphs of Korean netizens, source:Twitter

In addition to the”playing stalks” of Korean netizens, there is another major rumor about David Zhao. Some conspiracy theories describe him as”Biden’s Chinese bodyguard” to hype up the so-called”Biden colluding with China.” As David Zhao’s identity became public, the rumors gradually disappeared.

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Picture source:Twitter