Is NBA player’s new crown equivalent to catching a cold? You think too simple

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The new season NBA so far, many players have tested positive for the new crown virus, and many games have been due to insufficient players The minimum standard of 8 people was delayed. Earlier news said that before the start of the new season, 546 players in the league were tested, of which 48 players tested positive for the new crown virus. After treatment and isolation, these players returned to the court one after another, and the player who was the first to be exposed to the new crown virus at the beginning of last yearGobert And Mitchell are now alive and well, and even led the Jazz to eight straight games. Therefore, many people lament that for NBA-level players with super-physical qualities, contracting the new crown is like catching a cold, and they will heal quickly without any impact on the body.

But this is not the case.

Recently, former NBA player and now playing for the Spanish League Málaga, Jarle Mekel recorded and released a video saying that he was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia a month ago and caused He has a blood clot in his lungs and will miss the next three months of the game.

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Meckel said in the video:”I was diagnosed with coronary pneumonia nearly a month ago. .Unfortunately, we ran into some troubles. Due to the new crown, I found a blood clot in my lungs. I feel good now, I am recovering, and have started light exercise. But this blood clot will take several months Medication can be eliminated. I will fully recover. My goal is to come back and help the team move to the final stage of the season.”

Mekel is from Israel and played in the 13-14 season and the 14-15 season respectively. In the Dallas Mavericks and the New Orleans Pelicans. As a professional player who has played in the NBA for two seasons, Merkel’s physical fitness needless to say, but the new crown pneumonia has brought him a big problem. Once one of the Heat’s Big Three, multi-session All-Star player Bosh had to retire early because of a blood clot in his body. Sorry to bid farewell to the stadium. When Merkel can recover and return to the court is still unknown.

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