Italian Cup:Ten-man Atlanta beats Lazio, Juventus wins Spar

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Xinhua News Agency, Rome, January 27th (Li Mengqing) Italian Cup The quarter-finals of the football match continued on the 27th, Atlanta In the match against Lazio, although he was sent off soon after the opening of the second half, he still eliminated his opponent 3:2 and advanced. Juventus defeated Spar 4:0 away and will face Inter Milan in the next round.

In the game between Atlanta and Lazio, Jim Siti scored in front of the goal in just 7 minutes. However, Lazio quickly returned to the color. In the 17th minute, Archerby sent a cross from the left, Murić leaped for the header. Break the door. This was his first goal since joining Lazio. In the 34th minute, Lazio’s Archerby made a steal in the frontcourt, rushed into the penalty area and scored a goal to help the team achieve a go-ahead. However, 3 minutes later, Atlanta passed a shot from Marinovsky’s penalty area to equalize the score.

In the 53rd minute, Atalanta’s Palomino pulled down the edge of the penalty area and pulled down Lazzari, who seemed to be about to form a single-handed man, and received a red card directly. Although there were only ten people left, Atlanta took the lead a few minutes later. Milan Chuk received a pass from teammate Romero in a counter-reverse and scored a goal. Since then, the home team also missed the opportunity to further expand the score. Zapata fell into the penalty area shortly after coming off the bench, but he took the penalty of /span> was confiscated by Lazio goalkeeper Reina. Atlanta won 3:2 and will face the winner between Naples and Spezia in the next round.

In another game, Juventus took advantage of Morata’s penalty, Fraporta, Kulusevsky and Chiesa scored and defeated Spar 4:0 to advance. Their opponent in the semifinals will be Inter Milan< /span>. (End)