Japanese media also found that people with blood type O have a higher risk of death when they encounter a major accident

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Source:Global Times

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] Does blood type affect the risk of death? Japanese women’s weekly magazine”Women themselves” reported on the 11th that people with O blood type have a higher risk of death than people with other blood types when they encounter a major accident. Tokyo Medical and Dental University studied and analyzed the data of 901 patients, all of whom were critically ill patients who were urgently sent to hospital after a major accident. The results of the study found that the mortality rate of patients with blood type O is more than twice that of patients with other blood types.

It is reported that the cause of this phenomenon is the different concentration of coagulation factors of different blood types. Because the concentration of some coagulation factors of type O blood is lower than that of other blood types, people with type O blood have worse coagulation function and stop bleeding more slowly . Researchers said that under normal circumstances, such a difference will only occur when a person has a major accident. (Li Yuzhen)