Kicker Bundesliga half-time full-back rating:Angelinho leads the only world-class

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Tiger Fighting on January 26, the authoritative German media”Kicker” recently selected the Bundesliga The league’s first half of the season’s full-back rating, of which Leipzig’s left back Angelino was selected for this list The only”world-class” player, Angelino contributed 8 goals and 8 assists in all 25 games this season, with offensive data comparable to offensive players. Dortmund’s left back Guerrero became the only”intercontinental” player. Bayern Munich’s Alfonso Davis was not selected. On the list, Lucas has entered the”national level.” The specific list is as follows:

World Class:Angelino (RB Leipzig)

Intercontinental Class:Guerrero (Dortmund)

International Class:Lai Na (Monchengladbach), Baku (Wolfsburg), Sosa (Stuttgart), Ben Seben (Monchengladbach), Gunter (Freiburg), Mukilay (RB Leipzig), Lucas (Bayern Munich), Lanz (Berlin Union), Augustinson (Bremen), Trimel (Berlin Union)

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