Kunming Customs seized 125,000 intellectual property infringing commodities in 2020

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China News Service, Kunming, January 12 (Du Xiaoxiao) A reporter learned from Kunming Customs on the 12th that in 2020, Kunming Customs seized 445 batches and 125,000 pieces of goods infringing intellectual property rights, a year-on-year increase of 41.71% and 149.34 respectively. %.

Since 2020, Kunming Customs has continuously strengthened its supervision, and continued to fight against illegal acts of infringement of intellectual property rights in the entry and exit links, and organized and carried out the special action of “Long Teng Action 2020” to protect intellectual property rights, and the delivery channel intellectual property rights Protect the “Blue Net” operation and crack down on the infringement of export transshipment goods. The “Net Net” operation focuses on high-risk commodities such as clothing and electronic products, and intensifies the investigation of border residents’ mutual markets, cross-border e-commerce, and key airlines. “Zero” and “ant moving” type of infringement of entry and exit infringement.

Recently, Kunming Changshui Airport Customs, affiliated to Kunming Customs, seized a batch of infringing goods in export goods channels, totaling more than 17,000 pieces, involving glasses, sports shoes, backpacks and other categories, infringing on the knowledge of 20 brands property.

Kunming Customs seized 125,000 intellectual property infringing commodities in 2020

The picture shows the infringement seized by Kunming Customs Engine Parts. Photo courtesy of Kunming Customs

While cracking down on infringements under high pressure, Kunming Customs has also established a brand training model for key intellectual property enterprises, formulated independent intellectual property rights assistance mechanisms, and strengthened the intellectual property protection of domestic independent brands. Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. (“Yunnei Power” for short) is China’s largest multi-cylinder small-bore diesel engine manufacturer. In 2005, it developed the first domestic passenger car diesel engine with independent intellectual property rights. The products are in China Have good quality and brand image.

In recent years, with the improvement of product reputation and the increase in export volume year by year, the company’s “Yunnei” brand trademark has been infringed on the market by goods, and the overseas sales of goods with its own trademark have been affected. In January 2019, with the assistance of Kunming Customs, the company completed the filing of intellectual property rights with the General Administration of Customs, and the export products of the “Yunnei” brand were protected by intellectual property customs. Since 2019, Kunming Customs has seized more than 1,000 engine parts that infringed on the “Yunnei” brand in the export channels of freight and border inter-city exchanges.

Kunming Customs’s crackdown on infringements and illegal acts has maintained a fair and orderly import and export trade order, and has become a “weapon” to boost product export growth and enhance the competitiveness of independent brands in foreign markets. In 2020, the total value of Yunnei Power’s export of complete machine parts to Myanmar reached 15 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 45%. (End)