Large-scale Late Cretaceous dinosaur footprints found in Fujian

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Fuzhou, January 12th (Reporter Liu Xiaoyu) The reporter learned from a press conference held in Fujian Province on the 12th:Shanghang County, Longyan City, Fujian Province Longxiang Village of Chengnan Community in Lincheng Town found a large-scale Late Cretaceous dinosaur footprint group.

It is understood that there are more than 240 tracks in this group of footprints 80 million years ago. This large deinonychus track was discovered for the first time in my country. According to the introduction of Xing Lida, a doctoral supervisor of China University of Geosciences (Beijing), this discovery is useful for studying the paleoenvironment and paleoenvironment of the Late Cretaceous period in western Fujian. Geography, paleontology, and global the distribution and evolution of the late Cretaceous dinosaur fauna are of great significance.

In November 2020, initiated by Fujian Province Yingliang Stone Natural History Museum, a joint scientific expedition team formed with China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and discovered the fossils of the Late Cretaceous dinosaur footprint group in Longxiang Village. It has been confirmed that the fossil producing area of ​​the dinosaur footprint group is about 1600 square meters, and it was cleared from the shale siltstone or silty mudstone layer. More than 240 dinosaur footprints, including herbivorous sauropods, ornithopods (large, medium and small), carnivorous large three-toed typetheropods , two-toed Deinonychus and small theropods, at least 8 species of traced dinosaurs. These footprints range in length from 8 cm to 55 cm, and many of the dinosaur footprints have well-preserved tracks and clear patterns. The level of the profile also preserves rich sedimentary structures and fossils such as wave marks, mud cracks, and insect traces, showing the scenes of various dinosaur activities (such as drinking and eating) on ​​the lakeside (lakeshore or beach) in the dry season.

According to reports, as a new branch of dinosaur research, dinosaur footprints preserve the moments of dinosaurs in their daily lives. They can not only reflect the daily habits and behaviors of dinosaurs, but also explain the relationship between dinosaurs and their environment. Relationship, the information reflected is extremely valuable.

Source:People’s Daily