Lebanon:The country will enter a state of health emergency

By yqqlm yqqlm

Local media reported, on the 11th, the president AounPresided over the emergency meeting of the Supreme National Defense Council. The meeting announced that in order to curb the continuing deterioration of the epidemic, the country entered a state of health emergency from January 14 to 25. During this period, all public and private institutions will be closed except for necessary departments, and all personnel must stay at home; the National Social Security Fund, medical departments, pharmacies, food wholesale markets, bakeries, currency exchange points, gas stations, etc. will be allowed to Open during certain hours; the airport remains open, but passengers from Ethiopia, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq and other countries must be quarantined at the hotel for a week.

The Lebanese Caretaker Government’s Ministry of Health announced on the 11th that 3095 new cases of new coronary pneumonia were newly diagnosed in the past 24 hours Cases, 23 cases died. At present, Lebanon has confirmed 222,391 cases and 1,629 deaths. (Headquarters reporter Guan Panpan)


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