Luxurious configuration! Nine former internationals gather U18 coaching staff

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Chinese National Football Association announced the new U18 National Football Training List on January 12th. The list is the most popular The focus is undoubtedly the luxury coaching team, including a total of 9 former internationals.

The U18 National Football Team will conduct a new training session at the Jialishe Training Base in Kunming, Yunnan Province from January 23 to February 7. The 9-member Luneng has become a major player in this training session. Hengda and Yatai also each have 7 people selected.

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The coaching team of this training camp has also attracted much attention. In addition to the head coach Antonio (Spain) and two foreign assistants Freddy (Spain) and Tomo (Croatia), there are 9 other assistants. They are all former international players, namely Shao Jiayi, Han Peng, Yang Zhi, Zong Lei, Du Zhenyu, Du Wei, Wang Xinxin, Zhang Xinxin and Wang Yun.

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This training camp is mainly to prepare for the 2023 AFC U20 Asian Cup qualifiers. Previously, China’s National Olympics had only won 1 win in 12 games in the 4 consecutive U23 Asian Cups. The Asian Games missed the quarterfinals for 3 consecutive sessions. The National Youth and National Juniors missed the World Series for many consecutive sessions, and even wanted to”rush into Asia.” Hard work. This pattern needs a generation to break, and the U18 national football team carries such hope. At the same time, Shao Jiayi waited for 9 former internationals to join the U18 national football coaching staff, and also shouldered the task of accumulating energy for the future young coach. Although they do not have a brilliant resume in the Chinese Super League and Chinese Football League, they will gradually grow up like U18 players and accumulate experience for the future development of Chinese football. Cover News Reporter Chen Yuxiao

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