Malaysia declared a state of emergency until August 1

By yqqlm yqqlm

China News Service, January 12, according to Malaysia“Sin Chew Daily” reported that recently, Malaysia has newly confirmed cases of new crown and The number of deaths is increasing day by day, making the medical system almost overwhelmed. Malaysian Supreme Head of State Abdullah announced on January 12, 2021 that Malaysia will enact a state of emergency from now on until August 1 of the same year Japan to curb the further spread of the new crown epidemic.

Malaysia’s National Palace pointed out in the announcement on the 12th that the Supreme Head of State agreed to the government’s proposal to establish an independent committee to assess the situation of the epidemic. He also said that if the epidemic improves, the committee will make recommendations to him to consider whether to end the national emergency early.

According to Reuters, it is not yet known how the promulgation of Malaysia’s national emergency will affect daily life. However, according to the Constitution, Congress will be suspended during this period.

Subsequently, officials in the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Department (Parliament and Legal Affairs) also confirmed that the Parliament will not be able to hold meetings until August.

Source:China News Network