Moderately offensive but highly insulting copywriting Short but lethal sentences

By yqqlm yqqlm

1. Although you are stupid, after all you are being yourself.

2. Your shoes are so fake, count When I did not say.

3. Being stumped by a math problem So I told the subject to the sky, after all, people are not as good as the sky.

4. Are you not a college student? Not even this?

5. You are a good person, but we Inappropriate.

6. If I am guilty, please let the law Come to sanction me, instead of having a meal in the cafeteria at 9 o’clock, watch two people eat a spicy strip.

7. There are many ways to insult people Kind of, but you just ask me if I have a boyfriend.

8. I am not interested in money.

9. The feeling you give me, general.

10. There is a touch of light on you Tea fragrance.

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11. Only those who look good can be called Sea King, like you can only be called water ghosts.

12. All 823 poor counties will be lifted out of poverty in 2020 Yes, you haven’t gotten off the order yet, and your business is more difficult to deal with than major national issues.

13. Don’t talk to me so loudly , I was scared by dogs when I was a kid.

14. God spills wisdom all over the world , I only gave you an umbrella.

15. No money at the end of the year, yesterday Just bought a suite in full.

16.我face blindness, I don’t know if she is beautiful

17. You cook in your house. I think you will be very good at cooking.

18. Take a screenshot of your Alipay WeChat balance Let me use it, my friend asked me to borrow money.

19. Hey, your face and neck Why is it not a color?

20. I just want to curse, but I don’t want to scold you.

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21. With your wisdom, it is difficult for me to explain to you!

22. You stand here and don’t move , I’ll buy two bags of oranges for you to take in the car!

23.”Tell me an object”Let’s introduce, I really envy you being single. Let’s not talk about it, I’m going to have dinner with my partner”

24. Can your ring finger fail to double-click the screen to like it?

25. See things in the zoo People, I think of you everywhere I look

26 .Others think you are a valuable asset that you have picked up on the road. I think you should subtract the last four words.

27. The genius is on the left, and you In the east, west, south and north.

28. A friend came to me before I borrowed money for plastic surgery, and it was quite successful. I can no longer recognize who borrowed my money.

29. Gold always shines, You glass slag is always reflecting light.

30. I like very vulgar things , But it does make me happy, you are also very vulgar, but you are not a thing.