Morning Reading丨The degree of your self-discipline determines the height of your life

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=f203835dfd43c67f349bdb9c07edcfd3 - Morning Reading丨The degree of your self-discipline determines the height of your lifeThe year 2020 has passed, and we ushered in 2021. Looking back on the past, and asking ourselves, have all your plans been completed? Do you have a fulfilling day? Are you living the life you want?

No matter what your answer is, whether there are regrets in your past life or not, you just have to believe in one thing:to be the master of your own life from now on. No matter when you start, when you start to discipline yourself, life is invincible.

Efforts may not be successful, but they must be rewarding.


My friend Xiaohang is a designer. He used to be a complaining person. He always complained about the hardships of the design road. The talented and demanding director always ruthlessly rejects his own work…

Today’s small aerial portrait is completely changed from a person to a respected design director from a rookie in the design world. I still don’t forget to study in a high position. In his circle of friends, he remembers this sentence:Although I am tired, I still choose a hot life.

A person’s transformation is not easy, and the small voyage that has made such a big progress owes everything to self-discipline.

Every day after get off work, he forces himself to study, learn all kinds of art knowledge, and research all kinds of design software; he constantly digs into the excellent works in the design world, summarizes the advantages, and enhances his beauty; in order to present He can revise the best work over and over again…

The days were lonely and hard, but fortunately they survived. Looking back now, he is very grateful for the time. The self-disciplined self, no matter how hard and tired, will not easily indulge himself.

Xiao Hang once said:”Although self-discipline is painful, it can make you grow.”

His colleagues before, some people stay in place, they are still a rookie ; Some people give up the love in their hearts and let their design dreams grow moldy in their hearts; some people stop and go, progress slowly, and continue to be anxious…

If you can’t eat the pain of self-discipline, you have to accept Mediocre suffering, there are no shortcuts in life, every step you take counts, masters are self-disciplined, and they are good at turning anxiety into continuous and stable motivation.

The degree of your self-discipline determines the height of your life.


When Xiao Ming, the younger student, was in college, he was full of fighting spirit.

In the first semester of his freshman year, he actively participated in club activities and exercised his abilities in all aspects; he took every class seriously, immediately consulted the teacher if he didn’t understand, and often got scholarships.

But in the second semester of his junior year, he was obsessed with online games and allowed himself to fall. The reality of failing subjects failed to pull him back from the game. He did not make up the exam several times.

In his senior year, he even dragged on his graduation thesis again and again, completely losing his previous self-discipline.

Finally, because he failed to complete the relevant learning tasks, he was dismissed by the school. When looking for a job, he repeatedly bumped into nails, which made him very anxious.

The easiest way to go is often downhill. At the age of learning, you choose to succumb to temptation, and you will not act with you in the end.

We must admit:Life is secretly rewarding those who are self-disciplined.

In the early stages of self-discipline, there may not be immediate achievements, but you have to believe that quantitative changes will definitely achieve qualitative changes.

Self-discipline can make a person outstanding. This has always been an unbreakable fact. In the best time, you have to become a self-disciplined person, you will live up to your youth, and time will not take you down.

Time is a fair judge, and rewards and punishments are clear. Instead of worrying about the status quo, it is better to use perseverance to win a wonderful life for yourself. Either become an outstanding person or an out-of-game person, and there is only self-discipline between outstanding and out-of-game.

Everyone only has a lifetime, please ask yourself a little instead of living in a muddle-headed manner every day. You have to be self-disciplined to look effortless. You always have to survive a lonely life, dormant yourself, and pave the way for a blockbuster in the future.

Some people lose self-discipline and get by, some people insist on self-discipline and become better and better. Insist on self-discipline, every achievement you achieve is what you deserve. A life of growing up and rooting down will make you feel more secure and fulfilled.


Colleague Xiaoli likes to set a flag in the circle of friends. She often vowed to be better than her past self, but Her self-discipline is just talking about it.

She gave a lot of time to the fragmented information on the Internet. In her free time, she used Moments, watched dramas, and played mobile phones in bed…

Although she got A momentary pleasure, but when the night is quiet, she feels very empty and has no expectations for the next day, because she also knows:if you don’t work hard today, there will be no surprises waiting for herself tomorrow.

The happiness you want is achieved by self-discipline. When you are self-disciplined to the utmost, all good things will come naturally.

There is no luck in the world. Only the self-disciplined self can enjoy the outstanding sweetness after suffering from self-discipline.

Of course, there are some people around me who are slowly becoming self-disciplined.

Friends who like to stay up late and are accustomed to staying in bed force themselves to go to bed and get up early, and carefully prepare a delicious breakfast for themselves every day; friends who love to complain start to be optimistic and use adversity as a stepping stone for adults; they like to sit for a long time My friends who are not able to understand the importance of good health and actively exercise;

Friends who feel confused in life start to read and think, write essays, and convert input into output; friends who like to surprise before the exam have learned Consciously carry out long-term learning, and no longer regard learning as a life task; friends who spend a lot of money begin to learn to manage money and better plan their future…

Although they have not achieved great success yet, Every small change is a kind of progress, enough to make people applaud.

You don’t have to envy others, because you can also become excellent, you don’t have to give up on yourself, because as long as you discipline yourself, you can reach another height.

If you don’t push yourself, you will never know how great your potential is. Don’t be afraid to give. Don’t stand still. Don’t shrink in your comfort zone. Don’t hang”I won’t”. By the way, don’t let procrastination hinder your pace…

For the rest of your life, I hope you can integrate self-discipline into your bones, quit the heat for three minutes, and make self-discipline a habit. Calm down, wait for the day to change.

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