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Someone said:”Friendship is knowing each other. When you need it, you haven’t said it yet, and your friend has silently come to you. His eyes and heart can understand you, He will even take your thin arms with his hands. Because of friendship, you will not feel lonely in this world.”

In life, there are so many people coming and going, and you can make friends. There are not a few, but there are not many friendships that can truly be called acquaintances. It is even rarer to be able to experience hardship with you and fight wind and rain together.

Especially as you grow older, there is never a shortage of friends who accompany you to eat, drink and talk to you, but there are few people who really know what you like to eat and will listen to your heart. Less.

The so-called, a daughter is hard to buy, but a confidant; hard to find in a thousand miles, is true love. A true friend is a lifelong confidant. The long journey in life, being able to have one or two is already the greatest gift of the years.

So, what is a true friend?

I have always felt that people who welcome you with a smile every day and brag about you as best as they can are not necessarily out of acquaintance.

True friendship should be pure, there is not so much rhetoric, flattery, and some are just a sincere companionship, a sincere friendship.


There is a long-lived story:

In the Spring and Autumn Period, there was a famous musician whose name was Bo Ya. Boya is very smart, very talented, and loves music. At that time, many people praised him for the beautiful sound and superb piano skills, but Boya knew that no one really understood his sound. He doesn’t care about the evaluations of these people, he has been looking for a friend during his travels, looking for someone who really understands his piano sound.

Once, he took a boat to the Hanyang River Estuary. Because of the wind and waves, he stopped the boat under a small hill . In the evening, the wind and waves gradually subsided, the clouds were clearing the moon, the night was dim, and Boya’s mood became very pure, so he put the piano he carried with him and played.

The song was not over, but one of the strings was broken. He stopped and looked around, only to see a handsome young man standing in the moonlight. The man smiled and explained that he was the firewood, and he stood there listening to the sound of the piano when he passed by.

Bo Ya asked him if he could talk about the song he had just played, but he didn’t expect this person to know the song. Boya asked him to get on the boat and put on the strings to play again. This man could solve the emotion and mind of Bo Ya when he played.

Bo Ya was very happy and asked his name. He is the Zhong Ziqi we all know later . The two talked about piano method and music theory, and the more they talked, the more speculative. They felt that they were too late to meet, so they became brothers.

The two agreed to meet again the next year. When Boya came to the agreed place as scheduled, but Zhong Ziqi was missing, he knew that Zhong Ziqi had passed away after asking about it. Before he died, he had his tomb repaired by the river, so that he could hear Boya when they met. The sound of the piano. Boya was very sad, and played a song”High Mountains and Flowing Water” in front of Zhong Ziqi’s grave. After finishing the song, he told Zhong Ziqi’s grave that he had no friends anymore, threw the piano and left, and never wanted to play the piano for anyone.


As the saying goes, There are less compliments and less compliments, but more laughter and laughter.

True friends make heart and speak truth instead of polite greetings or hypocritical flattery; true friends talk about sympathy, but they are speechless Tacit understanding, even if they are thousands of miles away and have no contact for a long time, they can still maintain the original intention and pay attention to them silently.

True friendship will not be alienated by distance, and will withstand the test of reality. When you are proud of the spring breeze, you are not flattering or jealous; when you are in despair, you are encouraged to regain your confidence and persist in helping you in the same boat. Whether it’s good times or bad times, it’s always the same.

The time goes by, the years are shallow, and with real friends, life will be less lonely and helpless, and more at ease; less difficult and sad, more warm and comforting.

A person can have a lot of misses in his life, but a true friend is hard to buy, but it is hard to find. Once missed, it is difficult to have it again.

If you are lucky enough to meet someone who is worthy of your sincerity, please remember to cherish it.

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