“Mutual assistance” and”helping others” in the war against the epidemic among overseas Chinese in Africa

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China News Service, Beijing, January 22 (Reporter Wu Kan) There is a new crown in Chinatown in Shiro Town, Johannesburg, South Africa Isolation point for pneumonia patients. Some Chinese patients with mild illness are quarantining here. Each of them has a separate room with complete living facilities. Food, Chinese medicine, and anti-epidemic materials are provided free of charge, and Chinese medicine practitioners provide remote consultation services.

The mutated virus of new coronary pneumonia was discovered in South Africa in December last year. The number of confirmed cases has increased sharply, and the infection of overseas Chinese and Chinese has also appeared one after another.”In order to avoid cross-infection among Chinese families, we opened a free quarantine point in Chinatown on January 1.” Zhu Yiyuan, deputy director of the South African Chinese Police and Civil Cooperation Center, said that the first wave of patients who have been admitted to the hospital has recovered and there are still more in the past few days. Admission of new patients.

Currently, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in many African countries is severe. South Africa, Kenya, Angola and other countries have rebounded significantly. Currently, overseas Chinese in Africa work together, unite and assist each other, and build a line of defense for their compatriots by setting up isolation points for mildly ill patients and distributing epidemic prevention materials.

In Tanzania Dar es Salaam, in front of the office of the Tanzania Chinese Chamber of Commerce, every weekend Anti-epidemic materials such as masks, hand sanitizers, and Chinese medicines piled up into a”hill” are for overseas Chinese to collect for free. Zhu Jinfeng, president of the Chamber of Commerce, said,”Too many people come to collect supplies. To prevent gathering, we put a stool every one meter, a total of about 100, let everyone sit and wait.”

Zhu Jin Feng told reporters that some of these anti-epidemic materials were donated by the domestic overseas Chinese affairs department, and the rest were donated by local overseas Chinese.”The Spring Festival is approaching, and the Chamber of Commerce has also prepared a condolence money. Those Chinese who are sick, unemployed or in other difficulties can apply for it. We cannot let any compatriots have no food or place to live.”


p >”The second wave of the epidemic in Kenya is serious, and the overseas Chinese and Chinese are basically sheltering at home.” Gao Wei, executive vice president of the Kenya Overseas Chinese and Chinese Federation, said that the relevant information of the confirmed Chinese patients is currently announced through the WeChat group, such as when they were infected. , Where he has been, etc., remind Chinese people in contact with him to go for testing as soon as possible.

While helping each other to fight the epidemic, the overseas Chinese in Africa are also devoted to”helping others” by donating money and materials to the people living in the country and linking China-Africa economic and trade cooperation to fight against the”second hometown” The epidemic and economic recovery contributed.

“After the outbreak of the epidemic in South Africa last year, we launched an initiative in the overseas Chinese community to donate money to the local area. Up to now, we have raised nearly 1 million yuan, purchased 720,000 masks, and sent them to all levels in South Africa. Police department.” Zhu Yiyuan told reporters that in October last year, he also donated a batch of Lianhua Qingwen capsules to the provincial government of the Free State of South Africa to help the confirmed patients alleviate their condition.

Angola China General Chamber of Commerce President Xu Ning introduced that the Chamber of Commerce established the”Fighting Against the New Crown Epidemic Fund” in April last year Since then, many donations have been made to the local government, youth community shelters, homeless people placement centers, orphanages, hospitals, etc.”We have also signed a fixed-point assistance agreement with the Angolan orphanage. Every holiday, we will send food, toys and daily necessities to the children.”

“The epidemic has affected the economic and social development of Angola. Chinese businessmen Actively leverage the advantages of connecting China and foreign countries to help local economic recovery.” Xu Ning said, for example, in September last year, the Chamber of Commerce reached a cooperation with a new materials and cable company in Fujian, hoping to use Chinese technology to promote Angola’s modern life; the Chamber of Commerce also established a cooperation with Angola BIC Bank Relationship, plan to conduct business together.

In the process of helping Kenya recover its economy, overseas Chinese have also played a role of matchmaking. Gao Wei and his trading company undertook the”3rd Kenya International Industry Exhibition” at the end of November last year. At the meeting, 93 Chinese companies connected with Kenyan customers in the cloud, and reached cooperation intentions in the fields of building materials and automobiles.

Gao Wei said that many Kenyan buyers admire China’s ability to prevent and control the epidemic, and at the same time have a strong interest in Chinese companies and products.”Under this background, overseas Chinese and Chinese people should be a good matchmaker and continue to promote China-Kenya economic and trade cooperation to go upstream.” (End)

Source:China News Network