National football training camp ahead of schedule to start later this month

By yqqlm yqqlm

Report from this newspaper (Reporter Zhao Rui) The Chinese team plans to conduct a new training session in Haikou from 22nd to 10th of this month for 20 days. It is reported that the head coach Li Tie has a large list of about 40 people. This season’s training team will be selected from them, except for the goalkeeper position. Besides, the other positions are basically double configuration.

The national team originally planned to concentrate around the 26th of this month, mainly to consider the issue of naturalized players returning after vacation. As far as the current situation is concerned, Li Ke and Jiang Guangtai have not been able to implement the plan to come back. Now it seems that they are more likely to catch up with the training camp. The younger the coming, the coaching staff finally decided to advance the training time.

Judging from the 4 training sessions conducted in 2020, about 26 or 27 players are recruited in each training session, with at least 2 players in each position. In this training session, Li Tie will still recruit players with good state and quality. Although the new national team training list has not been announced yet, it is disclosed that most of them participated in last year’s sessions.The”familiar faces” of the National Football Team training camp, some veterans are not on the list due to age and status.

After the teams are concentrated, they first conduct physical training. This is also to help the clubs prepare for the new season. Another focus is to”review homework” and consolidate the original tactics of the”Iron Army”. Affected by the epidemic, the national team is still unable to conduct international warm-up matches in this training session, and lacks actual running-in and testing. Considering that many Chinese Super League teams will also go to Haikou to prepare for the game in the near future, it is not possible to rule out the possibility of teaching matches with the club team. After the Spring Festival, the national team will no longer arrange winter training. The players return to the club to prepare for the Chinese Super League starting in March.

Source:Tianjin Daily