News! Trump sends a farewell speech to pray for the next administration, foreign media:He does not mention Biden but China

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Source:World Wide Web

[Global Web News] Reuters just reported that on the 19th local time, the President of the United States Trump delivered a farewell speech. In his speech, Trump urged prayer for the next administration of the United States, but refused to mention the name of Biden.

“This week, we will hold the inauguration of the new government and pray for its success in maintaining the security and prosperity of the United States.” Trump said in a video speech,”We extend to them Best wishes, and good luck to them-this is a very important word.” Reuters said that Trump still refuses to make full concessions to Biden. The outgoing president will not meet with Biden before the inauguration ceremony at 12 noon EST on the 20th, but plans to fly to Florida , he is expected to live there after the end of his term in the White House. Reuters reported in its report that Trump had always promised to”make America great again” during his campaign, but when he left office, nearly 400,000 people died of the new crown. And he has been trying to downplay the risks of the new crown virus, the economy struggling under the new crown epidemic, and the tensions in relations with major US allies.

Trump also said,”The greatest danger we face is to lose confidence in ourselves and the greatness of our country.””The United States is not a timid country with an untamed soul. For those who we do not agree with, the United States does not need to be asylum.”

Reported that Trump has been hiding in the The White House, and his supporters rushed into the Capitol on the 6th and caused the riots in which 5 people including a congressional policeman died. He may still have lingering fears.

However, Reuters said that in his speech, Trump still tried to emphasize the aspects he was proud of during his presidency.”We did what we came here to do and do more.” Trump said,”I accepted the hardest battle, the hardest battle, the hardest choice-because this is how you choose me Do it.”

In addition, Trump also boasted about his foreign policy agenda in his speech, claiming that during his tenure, he”revived the alliance of the United States and united the world in an unprecedented way , Against China”.

Trump also said:“As the first (U.S.) president who has not launched a new war in decades, I am particularly proud of this.”

Reuters believes that, Trump resigned due to serious domestic differences. Although he admitted the congressional riots, he has not condemned the riots after the violence occurred on January 6.

However, in his speech, Trump said,”All Americans are shocked by the attack on our Capitol. Political violence is an attack on everything we cherish as Americans. And This will never be tolerated.”

Reported that the outgoing president has largely lost his political future after the riots, but in his farewell speech, he hinted that his campaign will continue. .

“Now, when I am going to hand over power to the new government at noon on Wednesday, I want you to know that the campaign we launched has just begun.” Trump said.

“With a loyal, happy heart and optimistic spirit, I leave this solemn place with supreme confidence:for our country and our children, the best has not yet come .”