Official announcement! Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee:Tokyo Olympics will be held as scheduled

By yqqlm yqqlm

Toshiro Muto, chief executive of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, said on the 12th that the news about the cancellation or postponement of the Tokyo Olympics to 2024 or even 2032 is fake news. The chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee Yoshiro Mori also promised in his speech that day that the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Held as scheduled this summer.

This is the first public talk by a senior official of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee in nearly three weeks. During this period, the epidemic situation in Japan continued to worsen, and Tokyo and the three nearby counties entered a state of emergency again. The confidence of the Japanese people in the Olympics has been shaken. The latest opinion poll conducted by Kyodo News shows that more than 80%of the Japanese people hope that the Olympics will be postponed or cancel.