Month: January 2021

National Health Commission: Blindly “overweighting” returning home to prevent epidemics is “lazy government”

China News Service, January 31. In response to the “one size fits all” situation in some places regarding the health monitoring and nucleic acid testing of returnees, Mi Feng, spokesperson of the National Health Commission and Deputy Director of the Publicity Department, 31st At the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism press conference, it was stated that “it is not only a lazy policy, but also a waste of precious resources for epidemic prevention.”


Jiangxi launches a series of cultural tourism activities and preferential measures to help people travel during the Spring Festival

China News Service, Nanchang, January 31st (Reporter Liu Zhankun) In order to effectively strengthen the livelihood of the masses during the New Year, promote Jiangxi people to travel to Jiangxi, local people to travel to the local area, and surrounding people to travel to the surrounding area. On January 31, Jiangxi Province Culture and Tourism The promotion month of “Traveling in Jiangxi·Warm Chinese New Year” sponsored by the Office was officially launched in the original city scenic area of ​​Nanchang.