Month: January 2021

Is it difficult for US vaccines to fight against mutant viruses? EU controls exports or cause vaccine battles

According to a comprehensive report from China News Service, January 31, according to data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 8:22 on January 31, Beijing time, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new crown worldwide exceeded 102 million, with more than 2.21 million people died from the new crown. The new crown vaccine still has many problems to be solved. Regarding the EU’s control of vaccine exports, the WHO approved this move is not conducive to the global fight against the epidemic; and the mutant virus found in South Africa has affected the effectiveness of the two vaccines in the United States.


Today, Beijing is mainly sunny and the highest temperature is 4℃. Next week will be windy and cold.

   News from China Weather Network It is expected that today (January 31), Beijing will be mainly sunny with a maximum temperature of 4℃. From early tomorrow morning, a new stream of cold air will affect Beijing, and the wind will gradually increase. It will be windy and cold at the beginning of next week. From February 1st to 2nd, the maximum temperature will drop to 1~3℃, and the minimum temperature at night will only be around minus 9℃. The public should pay attention to wind and cold.