Pakistani media: China’s aid to Pakistan will be used for free vaccines

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Pakistan media: China’s aid to Pakistan’s vaccine will be used for free inoculation of the public

Overseas Network, January 28. According to the Pakistan Business Chronicle on the 28th, Pakistan’s special assistant to the prime minister in charge of national health affairs, medical Expert Faisal Sultan said that Pakistan has registered 400,000 medical workers for the new crown vaccine, and China’s aid to Pakistan will be provided to people free of charge.

Faiso Sudan stated that in the first phase, the government will first vaccinate frontline medical workers, and in the second phase, the elderly will be vaccinated. He specifically pointed out that so far, 400,000 medical staff have been registered for vaccination. He also emphasized that necessary epidemic prevention measures must be taken to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Faiso Sudan said that Pakistan hopes to get the first batch of new crown vaccines from China National Pharmaceutical Group in early February. The Pakistan Medicines Administration has recently granted the emergency use authorization of Sinopharm’s China Bio-New Crown Vaccine, which is the second new crown vaccine approved for emergency use in Pakistan.

Pakistani media: China’s aid to Pakistan will be used for free vaccines

Previous news on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, 21st, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a phone conversation with Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi at the request. Wang Yi said that the Chinese government has decided to provide vaccine assistance to Pakistan and actively coordinated Chinese companies to speed up the export of vaccines to Pakistan. Qureshi, on behalf of the Pakistani government and people, thanked the Chinese government for its decision to provide vaccine assistance to Pakistan and facilitate procurement. On the same day, Qureshi announced on Twitter that China would present the new crown vaccine to Pakistan, and they expressed “very grateful” for this. (Overseas Net Wang Shanning)