“Post-00” Xie Ke has two finals in half a month, Ying’s Cup will compete with Shen Zhenzhen

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=b1a6c6f6d6bcde7870182d306c42b387 - "Post-00" Xie Ke has two finals in half a month, Ying's Cup will compete with Shen ZhenzhenXie Ke in the game (Photo courtesy of the Chinese Go team)

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, January 13 NEC (Guan Ruohan) On January 12, the second game of Sanfanqi in the semifinals of the Ninth Yingshi Cup World Professional Go Championship was played online.”Post-00″ Chinese star Xie Ke defeated Yili Liao, Zhao Chenyu lost to Shen Zhenzhen. Both Xie Ke and Shen Zhenzhen defeated their opponents 2-0 in the final. This will be the first”post-00″ final matchup in the World Series.

The situation of Xie Ke in the first half of the second game of the semi-final is not optimistic, but similar to the first game, Yi Liliao faces a penalty point again due to time issues. After being fined two points, Liliao again Mistakes occurred, and the situation of Yili Liao’s defeat was set at the stage of Xiaoguanzi. Zhao Chenyu’s first game was unsuccessfully defeated, and he was obviously hit hard. In the second game, he appeared a series of slow moves at the opening stage, which seemed to be in poor condition, and Shen Zhen The game moves very steadily, and there is no obvious problem hand in the whole game, and the advantage is maintained to the end, which is a win.

After the game, Xie Ke said:”The overall semi-final performance is relatively normal. The first half of the first game did not perform well. It was lucky to win in the end. The second game started a little loss, but later The opponent was a little flustered because of the penalty point, and he was lucky to win. He didn’t have many fights with Shen Zhenzhen before, and he didn’t know much about it.” It’s worth mentioning that Xie Ke just reached the Dream Lily Cup final a week ago and became the No. A Chinese”post-00″ chess player who has advanced to the finals of the World Championships has made it to the finals of the World Championships twice within half a month. The two runner-ups guaranteed to have made Xie Ke certain to be promoted to the 9th dan. For the upcoming two finals preparations, Xie Ke frankly said that he hopes he can strengthen in the first half.

South Korea’s “post-00s” player Shin Jin-joo has emerged in recent years and has quickly overtaken Park Ting-hwan The”first person” of Korean Go, and reached the top of the LG Cup in early 2020, becoming the world’s first”post-00″ Go world champion . Compared with Shen Zhenzhen, people always felt that Chinese”post-00″ chess players were far worse in performance. Now Xie Ke has entered the finals of two world competitions in a row, marking the Chinese”post-00″ chess players in The stage of the World Championships has reached a new height, making people more confident. Chinese Go, with its extraordinary”thickness”, will certainly not lag behind in the competition of the”back wave”.

Source:People’s Daily Online-Sports Channel