Recently, many players have been found to have repeated infections, and the actual cases are far more than reported

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=ddd204dd3379995bcb0cbda4b314df24 - Recently, many players have been found to have repeated infections, and the actual cases are far more than reportedAccording to a recent report by ESPN, several players who tested positive for the new crown virus recently tested positive for the second time.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s definition of”superinfection”, when an infected patient recovers and is infected again, it is called a superinfection. Research is currently underway on how long the immunity system can last, but the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the new crown Virus will have repeated infections.

Since last summer, the NBA has announced more than 100 positive cases of the new crown, but since March last year, the actual number of infections should be much higher than this. Sources told ESPN that in the past nine months, some teams had tested positive for more than 10 players.

Due to the low availability of testing in the early stage of the outbreak, the rate of false positives is high, so in 2020 At the beginning of the year, there was a certain degree of uncertainty about how many players had true positive cases, especially during the three-month period when the league was shut down.

Some players who test positive for the virus but have no symptoms may be false positives. Some players have already undergone an antibody test to determine their immunity level, but there is currently no league-wide program to conduct it regularly Antibody testing.

According to league officials, because some of the characteristics of the virus are still uncertain, the team and the league’s doctors will evaluate each positive case and the player’s contact. For example, when faced with a player who tested positive in the last 90 days and a player who tested positive last summer, the treatment is sometimes different because of the different likelihood of repeated infection.

The league office, player unions, teams and agents have been negotiating in recent days to consider changing health and safety agreements to limit the spread of the epidemic, and more games have been postponed. The league has dealt with several players who have previously been infected with the new crown virus-such as Kevin Durant and Bam Adebayor ——Have a one-week health and safety quarantine because they have come into contact with infected people and are worried about re-infection or spreading the virus.

According to the current CDC guidelines, the duration of immunity after the new coronavirus infection is unclear. Based on the knowledge of other coronavirus, repeated infections may occur, but the probability is not high.