Respiratory therapist Yoon Dong’s 5 times support, 3 times into the warehouse

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(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Respiratory therapist Yin Dong’s 5 times support, 3 times into the warehouse

China News Network Hohhot, January 31st, title: Respiratory therapist Yin Dong’s 5 times support, Three times into the warehouse

On the last day of January 2021, Yin Dong released the medical isolation and returned to the hospital in the morning. After hurriedly participating in a small welcome ceremony held by his colleagues, he changed into a white coat and went straight into RICU… …He said: “I walked intermittently for half a year, which invisibly increased the work pressure for colleagues in the department, and felt guilty in my heart, so I had to hurry up and go to work.”

Yin Dong is a severe respiratory illness in the People’s Hospital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. A respiratory therapist in the intensive care unit, during the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia in one year, he went to the front line of the epidemic 5 times, including 2 times to guide the respiratory treatment work and 3 times to enter the warehouse. He turned the emerging profession of respiratory therapist into a treasured role.

Respiratory therapist Yoon Dong’s 5 times support, 3 times into the warehouse

The picture shows more than twenty doctors The staff carries the patient and the instrument to do the CT. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

Sun Dejun, leader of the Inner Mongolia New Coronary Pneumonia Medical Treatment Expert Team and Dean of the People’s Hospital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, said that New Coronary Pneumonia is a new infectious disease. At present, respiratory support and continuous prone Ventilation and airway management are the most effective measures, and respiratory therapists are of indispensable importance.

Respiratory therapy originated in the United States and has a history of more than 50 years. In China, it has just started in 1994, and respiratory therapists have also become a new medical profession. On February 25, 2020, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the State Administration of Market Supervision and the National Bureau of Statistics jointly announced to the society 16 new occupations including respiratory therapists.

Yin Dong introduced to reporters that the job of a respiratory therapist is to diagnose, treat and care for patients with cardiopulmonary insufficiency or abnormalities under the guidance of doctors. “It’s a special job between a doctor and a nurse.”

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The picture shows the Yindong family of three. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

The reporter learned that invasive tracheal intubation is a high-risk operation that exposes the trachea. The operator needs to put his face on the patient’s mouth and nose and face the patient’s respiratory tract at close range. In an instant, a large amount of viral aerosols rushed toward the face with the patient’s exhaled air.

“My entire protective screen is covered with sputum sprayed by the patient.” Yin Dong said, “At that time, I just wanted her to live.”

When performing high-risk operations, Yin Dong would let other medical staff wait outside the ward, leaving only himself and an assistant. He said: “What I can do is to save the patient and minimize the risk of infection.”

To determine the patient’s further treatment plan, CT examination is a must. “There are about 20 of us, taking turns carrying the beds, and 4 of them carrying 40-liter oxygen tanks. I carried a ventilator of more than 30 kilograms to the CT room for examination, and constantly adjusted the parameters according to the patient’s condition on the road.” Recalling this The “spectacular” scene, Yin Dong sighed softly, this is a scene worth cherishing for a lifetime.

Respiratory therapist Yoon Dong’s 5 times support, 3 times into the warehouse(2)

The picture shows the medical treatment of new coronary pneumonia in Inner Mongolia Sun Dejun, the leader of the expert team and the president of the People’s Hospital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, awarded Yin Dong a certificate of honor. Photo by Zhang Wei

In the course of this patient’s treatment, he achieved 15 prolonged prone ventilation, creating a miracle of prone ventilation lasting 26 hours (usually 12 to 14 hours).

In addition to being an excellent respiratory therapist, the “post-80s” Yin Dong is also a husband and father. On the front line, black and white were reversed, and it was difficult for him to contact his wife and children.

For the next step of the work plan, Yin Dong said that the new crown pneumonia is still spreading around the world, and the hospital has established an Inner Mongolia aid to Africa (Rwanda) emergency medical team. “I signed up. As long as I need my place, I am always on standby.” (End)