Retired jersey for opponent Kobe, this”madman” subverts your perception of NBA bosses

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January 26, Beijing time, on the special day of the first anniversary of Bryant’s death, the NBA Dallas Mavericks announced that the Mavericks will The No. 24 jersey will be sealed forever to commemorate Kobe.

In the NBA, there are many teams retiring jerseys for their head stars or team celebrities, but it is very rare to retire jerseys for their opponents. The owner of the Lone Ranger teamCuban pays tribute to his great opponent with such a special move. In the eyes of many people, the NBA is a business. As long as it is for the benefit of the team, anything can happen. Conflicts and scolding between the boss, general manager, coach, and players are also common, but Cuban may be an alternative. A boss known as a”basketball maniac” is known for his very human touch, subverting the outside world’s perception of NBA bosses.

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Funding NBA substitute players

Mark Cuban He is a well-known investor in the United States, ranked 478th on the Forbes Global Billionaires List in 2019, with a wealth of US$4.1 billion. In 2000, he bought the Dallas Mavericks for $280 million. Under his leadership, this famous NBA team The fish belly team began to rise, has long been among the strong teams, and won the NBA championship in 2011. It is such a rich boss who often wears ordinary T-shirts and jeans, sitting on the sidelines and shouting passionately for the team, treating former players, not to mention.

In September 2020, former NBA player Delonti West wandered on the streets of Dallas, dressed as a tramp and holding a sign asking for help. After seeing it, some fans posted photos of West’s call for help on social media, which once caused a sensation in the entire league. After seeing the news, Cuban quickly got in touch with West, drove him directly to the hotel, and said that he would pay all the costs of West’s treatment until he recovered. For the past six months, Cuban has been caring about West. He not only supported him, but also took West on horseback riding, rowing, and parties with friends. Now West has basically recovered and is back to work. In fact, West only played for the Lone Ranger for one season and was only a substitute player in the team.

Give away $2.6 million to team veterans

The most important thing to maintain the relationship between NBA players and owners is the NBA labor agreement, many players will be because of the boss The salary offered did not meet expectations and left the team, but Cuban was rarely criticized for this problem, and even gave the players free money, only to recognize the players’ contributions to the team.

In December of last year, just before the start of the season, the Dallas Mavericks announced the layoff of veteran guard Barea. You must know that Barea has just signed a $2.6 million veteran contract with Dallas. The contract is fully guaranteed. This move by Cuban was simply”rich and willful”, and it also made many veterans who are about to leave the league envy. Barea has played for the Mavericks since 2006 and was one of the heroes of the team’s championship in 2011. Except for a short period of time for the Timberwolves, he has always been in Dallas.

In addition to giving Barea a retirement contract, when Hurricane Maria swept Puerto Rico earlier, Cuban also lent his private jet to Barea so that he could send back water, food and necessary living supplies. home. Barea thanked Cuban very much and said:”He is really a good boss. In order to rescue my hometown, he mobilized almost all his strength and gave us great help!

During the epidemic, many NBA balls The team has cut salaries and layoffs due to the sharp drop in income, but Cuban has kept the salary of the Mavericks staff unaffected. He has provided the NBA’s most advanced and luxurious locker rooms and private jets for the Mavericks players. Cuban is not The richest boss in the NBA, but he must be the most humane boss who truly treats players as family and brothers.

20 years of bosses and players

When you mention Cuban, you have to mention Dirk Nowitzki, the legend of the Mavericks. In the NBA, the boss and the players have an employment relationship, and there are very few who can really make friends, but Cuban It’s a 20-year story with Nowitzki.

Nowitzki entered the NBA in 1998 and played for the Lone Ranger. After Cuban bought the team in 2000, he began to build The team helps the team stay in the playoffs all year round. Many people said that Nowitzki played softly as a white big pitcher, but Cuban always insisted on using him as the core of the team, even at the same time. Sent away Nash and Finley. In 2007, Nowitzki, who won the MVP of the regular season, was blacked by the Golden State Warriors in the first round Eight” was criticized by the outside world. But Cuban still firmly believed in Nowitzki, until 2011, Nuotianwang finally used him The magical play helped the team win the only championship in team history.

In 2016, Nowitzki was 38 years old. Cuban first gave Nowitzki a double The annual contract of 40 million US dollars, after seeing the salary space, the annual salary was directly increased to 25 million US dollars. After Nowitzki retired, some American media broke that Cuban intends to give Nowitzki some team shares. , Let him become the team’s small owner, and he has repeatedly stated in public that Nowitzki wants to return to the team at any time, he will reserve a position for him. A German, in the far away Dallas, USA, It is a legend to be able to receive such treatment. And his”one person, one city” story with Dallas and his friendship with his boss Cuban have also become a good story in the NBA.

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