Rouhani’s”parting message” to Trump is really ruthless

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Foreign media:Rohani welcomed Trump’s departure, saying that”the era of tyrants is over”

According to AFP report, on the 20th local time, Iranian President Rouhani welcomed the departure of Trump and Said an”era of tyrants is over”.

According to reports, Rouhani said in a televised speech to the cabinet that “the era of tyrants is over, and today is the last day of his evil rule. He has accomplished nothing in four years, except ( Bring) injustice, corruption, and cause trouble to his own people and people all over the world.”

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Rohani (data map)

U.S. President-electBiden’s inauguration ceremony will be held on the 20th local time. According to previous reports, Trump planned to leave the White House on the morning of the same day and fly to Sea Lake Estate in Florida.

Source:World Wide Web/Bian Zihao

Source:World Wide Web