Russian media: Trump’s “Facebook” and Instagram accounts have been restored

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China News Service, January 16 According to a report from “Russia Today” on the 16th, after the US Congress riots, US President Trump’s accounts on social platforms “Facebook” and Instagram were frozen. Now, “Facebook” has quietly restored Trump’s “Facebook” homepage and Instagram account.

Russian media: Trump’s “Facebook” and Instagram accounts have been restored

According to reports, on the evening of the 15th local time, Trump’s accounts on these two platforms were restored. Neither Instagram nor its parent company “Facebook” gave any explanation for this sudden move.

However, reports say that since the two accounts were restored, no activity has been observed in them. It is not clear whether Trump really regained control of these accounts.

Russian media: Trump’s “Facebook” and Instagram accounts have been restored(1)


p > On January 6, local time, during a joint meeting of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, Trump supporters broke into the Capitol and caused riots. In the House of Representatives, the police held guns and confronted the protesters through the doors and windows.

Previously, affected by the intrusion of the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters, a number of U.S. social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have been The Lump social account has taken actions to delete posts or restrict posting.

“Twitter” also announced that it would “permanently suspend” Trump’s “Twitter” account because of “there is a risk of further inciting violence.” In addition, the social media platform Snapchat also announced that it will permanently block Trump’s Snapchat account.