Russian media:In the context of the collapse of the”American Dream”, the United States has launched the”Crusade” against China

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Source:Global Times

Russian”Moscow Communist Youth League” article on January 10, original title:(U.S.)”Crusade to China””On New Year’s Eve, the US”Foreign Affairs” magazine published an article stating that US competitors, especially China and Russia, have taken the initiative in the political, economic, technological, and information fields. All over the world,”democratic values” and (Western countries) leadership are weakening.

Now American politicians must count on”democratic values” more. The new crown epidemic has not only caused the US economy to collapse, but also aggravated the destructive contradictions in American society. Cracks have also appeared in the US political system, and mobs have taken to the streets. By the end of this year, the US GDP is expected to fall by about 5%, the health care system has almost completely collapsed, and more than 300,000 people have died of new coronary pneumonia. American business districts were looted, monuments to historical heroes were demolished, and attractive concepts such as personal freedom and multiculturalism advertised by”democratic values” were lost.

In the context of the collapse of the”American Dream“, the”Chinese Dream” is achieving remarkable success. Now, China is not only the largest oasis in the world where the epidemic is raging, but also the world’s largest market and the engine for the world to recover from the economic consequences of the epidemic.

The confrontation between the United States and China that has been brewing since the beginning of this century turned into a positive one during the Trump conflict. But the Americans who started the trade war did not win. The new president of the United States Biden is likely to retain the measures for the trade war with China, and tariffs will not increase or be withdrawn. Biden may continue Trump’s practice of providing modern weapons to the”unsinkable aircraft carrier” of Taiwan. How will Sino-US relations develop in the foreseeable future? I think the United States will continue to try to attack China, the target they have already targeted. For example, try to continue to instigate the”color revolution” in Hong Kong, and more actively incite separatists in Xinjiang, Tibet and other places.

It can be seen from Biden’s statements during the campaign and the Democratic Party“neoconservatives” data. The Chinese Communist Party will continue to be the main direction of US attacks. Although the cohesion of the Chinese Communist Party has increased significantly in recent years, this may not necessarily stop the United States from attacking China. China has formulated a long-term plan full of patriotism-to realize the”great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation” and transform China from a developing country Become a world power. The patriotism of Chinese people, especially young people, is becoming more intense, but this has not prevented the United States from launching the”Crusade” against China.

China has the determination and ability to follow its own path, but the contradiction between socialism with Chinese characteristics and American capitalism will not disappear. The competition for dominance of the world order will further intensify. This competition will affect the rest of the world, including Russia. (Author Yuri Tasrovsky, translated by Liu Yupeng)