Serie A synthesis:Inter Milan take Crotone 6:2, Juventus beat Udinese

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Xinhua News AgencyRome, January 3 (Li Mengqing) The 15th round of the Italian Football League on the 3rd, international The Milan team won the Crotone team at home 6:2 and won eight consecutive league victories. Lautaro performed a hat-trick. Juventus defeated Udinese 4:1 at home, Ronaldo contributed two goals.

“Nerazzurri” Inter Milan did not immediately enter the state in the match against Crotone, and After a series of offensive attempts, the visiting team took advantage of Inter Milan’s defensive loopholes in the 12th minute, and Zanellato scored with a header and took the lead. But in the 20th minute, Lukaku assisted Lautaro to score and quickly equalized for Inter. In the 31st minute, Inter Milan went straight to the opponent’s gate through a tacit teamwork, which made the opposing defender Marone accidentally set an own goal when clearing the siege. Inter Milan took the lead. However, a few minutes later, Inter Milan player Vidal fouled in the penalty area and Goremic made a penalty for the visiting team, and the score became 2:2.

After the twists and turns of the first half, Inter Milan once again staged a great show of force in the second half. In the 57th minute, Brozovic sent an assist for Lautaro, who quickly helped Inter take the lead again. In the 64th minute, Lukaku, who played well in this game, ushered in his own goal. He broke through to the penalty area after throwing off the defensive player in the frontcourt, and rewritten the score to 4:2. In the 78th minute, Inter Milan’s Perisic shot was slammed, Lautaro scored a header in front of the goal, and staged a hat trick. At the end of the game, Ashraf received Damian’s assist and scored the goal. It was icing on the cake and assisted. Inter Milan’s 6-2 victory over their opponents, the eight-game winning streak in the league.

In the match between Juventus and Udinese, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal in the second half and In the second half, Chiesa sent a subtle pass to help the latter push the goal in the penalty area. Udinese was obviously unlucky that day. Not only was the goal blown due to a handball in the 19th minute, but he also hit the frame twice in the game. Although Zehlar finally scored a goal for the visiting team in stoppage time, the Juventus striker Dybala immediately returned to The goal was scored single-handedly on the right side of the penalty area, and Juventus finally won 4:1.

In the away game against Benevento that day, although AC Milan had only ten players left because of a foul by Tonali in the 33rd minute, they still relied on Casey’s penalty and Lay Ao’s lob shot broke the goal, defeated his opponent 2:0, and continued to lead the list.

In other games, Atlanta swept Sassuolo 5:1 at home, Duwan Zapata Double ring. Zachani’s wonderful barb helped Verona beat Spezia 1-0 away. Torino beat Parma 3:0 away. Rome beat Sampdoria 1-0 at home. Naples beat Cagliari 4:1 away. Genoa drew 1:1 at home with Lazio. Florence and Bologna drew a goalless draw. (End)