Shenhua abandons the winter training in Haikou

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According to the plan, the Chinese Super League Shanghai Shenhua team should be in January Concentrated on the 25th to prepare for the new season of the Super League. However, on the 24th, news came from Shanghai that, in order to reduce the risk of new crown virus infection for team personnel, Shenhua Club has decided to abandon the plan of arranging the team to prepare for the battle in Haikou, instead arranging the whole team to stay at the Shanghai Kangqiao base for preparation. This means that the opponents of the National Football in the last warm-up game of this Haikou training camp can only be in Henan Jianye and Hebei Fortune. Produced in.

At the end of last year, affected by the epidemic, Shenhua Club decided not to arrange for the team to go overseas for training. The team plans to go to Haikou from January 25th to February 9th. Mission Hills base prepares for battle. Prior to this, the club had also sent special personnel to Haikou to investigate various preparations for the conditions.

However, on the 24th, news came from Shanghai that the Shenhua Club eventually abandoned its plan to go to Haikou to prepare for the new season and arranged its training base at the club’s Kangqiao base in Shanghai. The reason for this arrangement is that the club is fully committed to maintaining the health and safety of the team’s personnel. After all, abandoning intercity travel will reduce the frontline of the team’s personnel to contract the new crown virus. It is reported that the Korean coaching team members of the Shenhua team headed by Cui Kangxi plan to arrive in Shanghai at the end of this month. Therefore, the whole team will be temporarily represented by the Chinese coaches and physical fitness coaches in this stage of training.

At present, the Chinese men’s football team has begun a new phase of preparations in Haikou. According to the head coach Li Tie, the team will have a warm-up match on February 5th and 9th. At present, the team’s warm-up opponent on February 5 is tentatively scheduled to be the newly promoted team Changchun Yatai. In addition to the Yatai team, there were originally three Chinese Super League teams that are currently training in Haikou at the same time. In addition to the Shenhua team, there are also two teams, Jianye and China Fortune. After Shenhua gave up training in Haikou, the No. 9 opponent of the National Football Team will be produced in the other two Super League teams.