Shougang and Beijing Enterprises Men’s Basketball Team both win, Beijing Enterprises’s strongest starting five defeats Xinjiang

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In the 34th round of the regular season of CBA last night, the Beijing Shougang team relied on a counterattack in the final quarter to 125 to 114 Defeated the Shanxi team. After the victory, the Shougang team rose to 12th in the winning percentage list with a record of 14 wins and 17 losses. In another game, Beijing Enterprises, with its super foreign aid Joseph Yang, scored the highest score of 34 points and beat the top Xinjiang team 100 to 93.

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After the game started, the defense of both sides was not tight enough, but the state of the two teams was very average and they played relatively loosely. The Shougang team fell behind 21-24 in the first quarter. In the second quarter, foreign aid Gibson did not perform well, and the Shougang team was 8 points behind. Hamilton broke the team’s”scoring drought” after returning to the field. Taking advantage of the increase in opponents’ turnovers, the Shougang team gradually caught up with the score. At the end of the first half, the two teams tied for 48. In the third quarter, the two teams fought against each other and scored several times. After the first three quarters, the Shougang team was only 1 point behind. At the end of the quarter, the Shougang team fought back after being behind by 8 points. In the second half of the quarter, they won with a wave of 14 to 3 scoring climax.

Beijing Controls team sent Zhang Fan, Sun Yue, Joseph Yang, Wang Shaojie and Yu Changdong in the competition. Strong starting five tigers, the Xinjiang team due to the main center Zhou Qi missed due to injury, the internal strength was seriously damaged. It is worth mentioning that there are many veteran Xinjiang players in the North Control team, and the two teams directly enter the counterattack. The two teams did not widen the point difference in the first half, with the North Control team leading 56-50.

In the second half, the Xinjiang team’s offensive was weak, but the North Control team’s two inside giants Wang Shaojie and Yu Changdong were third Soon after the beginning of the festival, he got 4 fouls. Fortunately, Joseph Young still feels hot, and the North Control team entered the final quarter with a big score of 83 to 67. In the final quarter, the Xinjiang team played a wave of 8 to 0, narrowing the difference. The North Control team played steadily and kept the lead to the end.

(Original title:Shougang and Beijing Enterprises Men’s Basketball Team both won)

Source:Beijing Daily reporter Chen Jiakun Wang Yang