Silas:When the dilemma comes, we have to fight back, but we did not do it

By yqqlm yqqlm

Tiger Fighting News on January 13th Rockets lost to the Lakers 100-117 today, the Rockets after the game Coach Stephen Silas was interviewed.

“We have to learn our lessons. We have to understand why we played this way, why we played so badly at the beginning, and we lag behind a lot at the beginning, and we have to be like that since then. We must be better prepared for the game, and more Good to meet the challenge.” Silas said.

Compared with the previous game, have the team’s previous problems corrected? Silas said:”The opponent’s fast break is not so much, our mistakes are not so many, but other things happened tonight, we must perform better.”

In these two games, the opponent came up and gave us a hard blow. We failed to respond. We shouldn’t be like this. We should be a team that can respond to difficulties. When the difficulties come, we have to fight back, but we didn’t. Arrived,” Silas said.

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