SIPG responds to changing its name to Seaport:It is consistent with the club’s culture and regional characteristics and understands the emotions of the fans

By yqqlm yqqlm

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=0717525209d213066bd45e389bf349b5 - SIPG responds to changing its name to Seaport:It is consistent with the club’s culture and regional characteristics and understands the emotions of the fansLive it on January 25th Shanghai SIPG assembled today to start winter training. At the club’s media briefing, the club responded to the team’s name change to”Shanghai Seaport” for the first time.

The club said:“In order to actively respond to the requirements of the Chinese Football Association on the non-corporate change of the name of professional clubs, SIPG will strictly implement the relevant regulations of the Chinese Football Association, comply with laws and regulations, and pay attention to cultural connotation and history. The inherited guiding ideology has been renamed, and the name of the club after the change is:Shanghai Haigang Football Club.”

“Looking back at the historical process of Chinese football development, every football club has a different regional culture. History. In the process of this renaming, I believe that every club has its own specific situation, and there is no absolute comparability. The renaming is a matter of opinion, as the saying goes,’There are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people’, the club Fans, the media and people from all walks of life are welcome to put forward various opinions and suggestions on the club’s name change, including future club building.”

“The club fully understands the fans’ demands for this change of name, including some emotions. This is exactly what the fans are. Love the club and support the expression of the club. For this reason, the club has also visited many times to actively communicate with the fans. But at the same time, I also hope that everyone can be more rational and standardized in expressing emotions. I hope that after the name change is completed, Continue to receive the same care and care from all sectors of society.”

Talking about the club’s new name, the club’s boss Zhang Min said,”The seaport is like Shanghai, and I think the seaport is also a very big name, yes.” SIPG also has a certain degree of inheritance. I also talked to Director Xu and he also thinks it is a good name. I hope to be understood by all walks of life. But the team culture has more than one name, and there are many internal and external relationships. The deepest feeling is the passion of the fans, the expectation of the media and the care from all walks of life. This name is the current cultural fit and regional characteristics, and they are all consistent.”

At the same time, the club revealed,”Now Chinese football is facing new challenges. This year’s trough will happen in various ways, but at present, we are the first to pay the salary confirmation form. The group supports the club with a long-term concept, and hope to pass it on year after year.”

As far as I know, the team logo will not undergo major changes at present, only some changes in the name. According to the arrangement, SIPG’s first phase of winter training lasts for two weeks and will end on February 11. On February 14, the team will regroup and head to Haikou to start the second phase of winter training.