Sky Sports:Color-blind fans are angry at the Double Reds jerseys because it is difficult to distinguish the colors of the two sides

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=f46b917affa9b7a4c4b33c34cca1dd12 - Sky Sports:Color-blind fans are angry at the Double Reds jerseys because it is difficult to distinguish the colors of the two sidesLive it, January 20th. For the Premier League match between Liverpool and Manchester United last weekend, color-blind fans were confused and angry because The colors of the jerseys of the two teams make it difficult for them to distinguish between the two sides.

In Sunday’s 0-0 double red match, Liverpool wore their traditional red jersey, while Manchester United wore an away jersey. The color of Manchester United’s away jersey is officially classified as”Earth Green”, which seems to be black to many people. This means having both red and black and The crowd of fans with red-green blindness symptoms was adversely affected while watching the game.

Catherine Albany Ward, CEO of the Color Blind Awareness Organization, said:“As far as I know, Manchester United has been told that there will be conflicts in jerseys. They think the best way to deal with it is to change socks. Obviously this is not an adequate solution to the problem.”

“I think this is partly due to the lack of understanding of the situation at the club’s senior level. They don’t understand what color blindness is. The strangest thing I find is that The increase in the number of affected people means that players may also be affected. In the team lineup, there may be color-blind players, and they also need to be able to distinguish the two teams clearly. This aspect has not been investigated. If They allow the players to distinguish well, so the fans will naturally be able to distinguish.”

The Color Blind Perception Organization cooperates with many football associations including the FA, the Portuguese Football Association and UEFA. In delivering information about color blindness. Catherine Albany Ward added:“In fact, there are relevant guidance. UEFA also has guidance. It explains everything. People just don’t take it seriously. Now the fans are getting very angry, that’s for sure.”

Sources told Sky Sports News that the Premier League league uses online software to ensure that the two teams are All the equipment selected in the competition has obviously different colors, and a tool has been developed in cooperation with relevant personnel that can select the best jersey color combination considering the situation of color-blind people.

Although Catherine Albany Ward admitted this and checked the software in person, she pointed out that currently Premier League clubs are not compelled to follow the jersey color instructions received.

She said:”As far as I know, the current procedure is that clubs have to submit the equipment they want to wear 10 days in advance, and the Premier League will run the software. Then the software will not only conflict with the colors of the two teams’ jerseys Provide feedback, and also consider the goalkeeper jersey and the color conflict with the referee’s uniform. Then the Premier League will feed back to the club, telling them that the software has provided relevant information. And if the club decides that they want to ignore the information that the Premier League feedbacks to them, they You can do the same.”

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