Snooker Masters Chinese teenager performed amazingly, Yan Bingtao reversed Robertson to enter the top 8

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International Online News:On January 12th, UK local time, 2021 Snooker Masters came to the third match day In the competition, the Chinese player Yan Bingtao, who participated in the event for the first time, saved the match point continuously after falling behind 1:3 and 3:5. Win the deciding game, defeated the favorite Neil Robertson 6:5, advanced to the quarterfinals.

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Photo courtesy of Yan Bingtao in the game

Although he lost two games in a row at the beginning, Yan Bingtao chased the game to 3:3. Since then, Robertson has played in two consecutive cities to usher in the match point, but the world’s 11th-ranked Chinese rookie challenged with composure, winning 3 games in a row and reversing 6:5. He will compete with Maguire for the semi-finals.

After the game, talking about his performance, Yan Bingtao said:”I really didn’t expect to participate in the Masters for the first time, and I defeated the newly won British Championship champion Robertson. I played very well in the deciding game and I am very satisfied with the result. I will try my best in the next round, relax my mind and enjoy the game.”

Robertson also praised Yan Bingtao. He believed that Yan Bingtao possessed a perseverance and never give up spirit. Robertson also said that after Ding Junhui, a number of snooker rookies have emerged in China, such as Yan Bingtao and Zhou Yuelong, Zhao Xintong and others have the strength to win the championship.

The Masters Tournament is the most prestigious invitational tournament in the World Professional Snooker Tour. Only the top 16 players in the world can participate. The 9th to 16th seeds of the tournament will be randomly drawn against the top 8 seeds of the tournament. .

In addition to Yan Bingtao, another Chinese star, Ding Junhui, will also participate in the Masters. He will face his old opponent in the first round. O’Sullivan. It is reported that the game will be held on the evening of January 13, Beijing time. (Zhao Xuemei)