Spaniard locks in the second half of the championship

By yqqlm yqqlm

A Western Second League 21st round match ended early yesterday morning Beijing time, the Spaniard The team defeated Castellón 2-0 at home, securing the half-time championship.

This campaign Wu Lei was on standby and the Spanish team played quite smoothly. Melamed and Puado have made achievements one after another, securing the victory early in only half of the game. After this campaign, the Spaniards accumulated 45 points and won the half-time champion of the La Liga.

The coach Moreno is pleased that in the 21 games that have been stopped, the Spaniard has a number of statistics:the most 14 games in the second division; the most 32 goals ; The number of goals conceded is the least 10; De Thomas contributed 12 goals and led the scorer list. Looking at the West Second Division, the Spaniard’s offensive and defensive strength is in the lead, and now it has entered the second half of the game with a point advantage, laying the foundation for returning to the top league.

It’s just that this series of data is more unfavorable for Wu Lei, after all, he gets very limited playing time after recovering from injury. The better the Espanyol’s data, the more it proves the amazing performance of Wu Lei’s competitors. Before this campaign, Puado bluntly stated that he has the strength to occupy a major position. In this campaign, he contributed a pass and a shot, playing a winning hero. You know, not long ago Puado was still competing with Wu Lei for the starting position, and now the former’s position in Moreno’s heart is obviously higher.