“Sports Watch” stepped down as the general manager of the club, why did Zheng Zhi return to his”duty”?

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Written by Lin Benjian, All Media Reporter, Yangcheng Evening News

After being the general manager of Guangzhou Evergrande Club for 48 days, Zheng Zhi returned to his”duty”-he will still be a player in the new season Continue to conquer the green field.

Zheng Zhi’s return not only has his own strong will, but also the inner needs of the Guangzhou team.

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Zheng Zhi still maintains a good competitive state


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As a veteran over 40 years old, Zheng Zhi’s off-court life is very self-disciplined, and he still maintains a very good physical and competitive state. This is the basis for his strong desire to return to the green field game. Last year, Zheng Zhi played 13 times in the Chinese Super League and started 9 times, which is commendable for him.

In the past 10 years, Zheng Zhi has been recognized as the best midfielder in China, with excellent offense and defense. Whether it is Li Zhangzhu, Lippi, Scolari or Cannavaro, all the coaches of Guangzhou Evergrande have given full trust to Zheng Zhi , This is enough to explain the outstanding role on the field.

The current strategic transformation of Guangzhou Evergrande also needs a”Dinghai Shenzhen” like Zheng Zhi. Beginning in 2018, Guangzhou Evergrande has been committed to the strategy of rejuvenation. Last year, it sent away Gao Lin, Feng Xiaoting, Zeng Cheng, Yu Hanchao After waiting for the veteran, the average age of the team further dropped. In the future, the Guangzhou team will employ more young players, including young players from Evergrande Football School.

As the team continues to get younger, there may be fluctuations and even declines in combat effectiveness and performance. In order to prevent the decline from being too large, the Guangzhou team needs Zheng Zhi, a veteran with many battles and rich experience in the competition, to play a role in the team. Even standing on the sidelines, Zheng Zhi will give a psychological encouragement to his young teammates.

As the captain who witnessed the rise of Guangzhou Evergrande, he joined the team to win the eight crowns of the Chinese Super League and two AFC championships. With such honor and comprehensive personal ability, Zheng Zhi is the ballast stone of the team .

Although Zheng Zhi has played fewer games today, the head coach Cannavaro still needs He, especially the tough battle of strong dialogue, Zheng Zhi was entrusted with the starting point. In the midfielder position, except for the foreign aid Paulinho, the current level, role, prestige, and status of other players are difficult to match with him. On par. There are still many uncertain factors for the Guangzhou team in the new season. Whether Paulinho will transfer or whether Xu Xin can renew his contract will affect the team’s trend.

After Zheng Zhi returned to the player, Cannavaro is very likely to continue to lead the team. Zheng Zhi is likely to develop in the direction of professional coaching in the future. Studying for a while with Kashuai will also benefit his future transformation and development.

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