Stayed for 7 months! The Australian coal ship that was in the Chinese port finally left

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Source:Global Times

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] According to a report by the All India Broadcasting Corporation on the 18th, it was stranded in China’s Jingtang Port for 7 months and carried Australian coal in India The merchant ship Jag Anand arrived in Japan on January 18 to change its crew. All crew members will fly back to India within the next 36 hours. The shipping company stated that the merchant ship will return to Jingtang Port within a few days and re-queue.

Qatar Al Jazeera said on the 18th that according to foreign media statistics, there are still about 55 bulk carriers carrying Australian coal. Wandering in Chinese ports, most of the ships are Indian crews. The”humanitarian crisis” on board Jag Anand has aroused many concerns. The Australian government blamed this on”China’s restrictions on Australian coal imports.” The spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the bulk carrier has been anchored near Jingtang Port in Hebei Province since June 2020. anchorage , China has never restricted its departure. The freighter’s unwillingness to adjust the ship’s operating arrangements due to commercial interests is the real cause of the situation.