Supporters chanted:Bringing heavy weapons to Washington on the 20th, Trump is really scared this time

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As the saying goes:”playing with fire gets burned.” This sentence has been fulfilled to Trump.

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In order to compete with Biden for the presidency, Trump On the first day of the new year, I called supporters on social media to”King King” in Washington, DC on the 6th local time. Unexpectedly, this operation aroused serious consequences:supporters directly captured The United States Congress blocked the joint meeting of the Senate and House of Representatives, causing serious casualties. There was condemnation at home and abroad, and Trump and his supporters instantly became”thugs.”

Faced with the out-of-control situation, Trump was also frightened. While he stood up and”denounced” the atrocities, trying to separate himself, he promised to ensure the orderly transfer of power to the president. However, Trump’s remedial measures have never won forgiveness. Democrats have decided to impeach Trump again on the charge of”sedition”, Republicans have also begun to distance themselves from him, and American public opinion has demanded that he be held accountable. Facing the dilemma of the eight winds, Trump finally lowered his head and began to think about his future.

The latest news from the US”Political News” website stated that Trump is one of the closest allies in the Republican Party McCarthy It was revealed that Trump has stated that he is responsible for the fatal riots that occurred in Guosheng last week and is willing to take part of the responsibility. Judging from Trump’s subsequent performance, it is clear that he recognized the seriousness of the problem, so he tried to fight for understanding with a low profile, in order to get through.

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However, there are too many people in the United States today who don’t want to put Trump. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Pelosi, who has been fighting with Trump for many years, is urgently mobilizing the impeachment case against Trump. The US media, which has been suppressed by Trump, has caught this incident and reported on it, Trump’s many opponents and political opponents desire Use this incident to completely knock Trump to the ground. Among these pressures, the most serious is the legal prosecution of Trump. Acting federal prosecutor Michael Sherwin in Washington, DC said that he would not rule out prosecuting Trump for inciting riots in the event of Trump supporters attacking Congress. The federal prosecutor pointed out that the Justice Department will consider bringing criminal proceedings against those who violently attacked Congress”working”. If this crime is convicted, Trump may face a sentence of more than 10 years immediately after he resigns as president.

At this sensitive moment, Trump’s supporters are actually preparing for a”big move” again. According to the US”World Journal” website, Trump’s radical supporters are linking up through online platforms, and they will meet on January 20. Biden On the day of the inauguration of the President, he returned to Washington.

A Trump supporter wrote on his social account:”Many of us will revisit the old place on January 19, 2021, with our weapons, showing our determination to support the country. This world will never forget this! We are so large that we will not be able to contend with the army or police.”

Some people wrote:”The second round is January 20. This time we will not Our men are merciful. We don’t even care about helping Trump re-elect. What we care about is going to war! Go to war!”

The appearance of such extreme remarks immediately shocked American society. American public opinion generally worried about Biden’s safety that day, and some public opinion worried that the United States would fall into a civil war. After the authorities warned that the inauguration ceremony of President-elect Biden next week was threatened by security, Trump approved the emergency order in Washington on the 11th local time, which lasted until the 24th.

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Not only that, social mediaTwitter and Facebook are also taking cooperative measures. Twitter first permanently suspended Trump’s personal accounts, and then more than 70,000 accounts. These accounts were mainly Trump supporters on the grounds that they promoted conspiracy theories to incite violence. Parter, the social networking site where Trump supporters are active, has been completely unavailable.

In the face of this menacing offensive, Trump’s heart must have collapsed. When he signed the Washington State of Emergency Act, he must have been scolding those”pig teammates” for hurting himself. But isn’t Trump taking the blame for all this? Wasn’t he calling for”See you in Washington on January 6″? Trump’s experience can be said to be typical of shooting himself in the foot.

By the way, why did Trump pick up that dangerous stone? This is inseparable from his self-confessed”great success”. In 2016, Trump participated in the presidential election as a”political amateur”. He lacked political resources and had a bad relationship with traditional media. His strategy was to use his influence on social media to incite Populism gathered supporters and finally reversed the strong voice of Hillary Clinton and entered the White House. Trump’s election can be said to be the victory of the”social media revolution” and the”populist revolution”.

Trump continued this practice after he took office. During his four years in power,”Twitter governing the country” became a prominent feature. After many criticized policy measures were spread on social media, supporters were enthusiastic. Support, which in turn formed”public pressure”, and succeeded in a hard and hard check. All this undoubtedly further strengthened Trump’s perception of manipulating public opinion by resorting to social media, and then”holding public opinion to win the world.” He wanted to pass this trick again on January 6 to prevent the congressional certification process, but he did not expect to cause a fatal riot and drag him into the whirlpool.

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The biggest risk of populism is that once it is incited It is very difficult to suppress it, even the instigator itself will be powerless to stop it. In the past four years, Trump has caused the tearing and antagonism of American society to a terrible level. The populist enthusiasm and fanaticism of his radical supporters have been completely ignited. That is why he said,”I don’t even care about assisting Trump’s re-election. Now, what we care about is going to war”.

The fire has been lit, and Trump is really scared this time.