Thai Badminton Open broke out, Sindhu was reversed and suffered a round trip

By yqqlm yqqlm

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, January 13th (Zhao Xinyue) On January 12th, Beijing time, the BWF Thailand Open officially kicked off. In the first round of the women’s singles contest, the Indian star Sindehu won the first round and was defeated by Danish player Mia. Reversal, a big upset.

Sindehu is the champion of the 2019 World Championships. She has a strong strength. At the beginning of the game, she also showed a good condition, winning 21-16. In the second game, Sindhu was still strong, but the passive Mia never gave up. She fought with Sindhu to a 24 tie, and finally relied on the opponent’s mistakes to equalize the total score 26-24. In the deciding game, Sindhu had an unbalanced mentality and made many unnecessary mistakes. Mia took advantage of the victory and won 21-13, thus defeating Sindhu 2-1 and broke into the women’s singles round.

Source:People’s Daily Online-Sports Channel