The 27th World Men’s Handball Championship held in Egypt

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From January 13th to 31st local time, the 27th World Men’s Handball Championship was held in Egypt. This men’s handball World Championship is the second time Egypt has hosted it since 1999. The Egyptian government has introduced a series of strict epidemic prevention measures to ensure the smooth progress of the event during the epidemic. Participants will be tested for nucleic acid every 72 hours, and event staff are required to wear masks continuously. The press conference during the current World Championships will be held online.

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The President of Egypt Sisi attended the opening ceremony of this men’s handball World Championship. He said in his speech , The world has the ability to”coexist with the epidemic”, countries will be more coordinated when facing challenges such as the epidemic, and the people will coexist peacefully with the CCP to overcome difficulties.

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There are 32 teams participating in this World Men’s Handball Championship, which is the first time in history. All events will be held in four venues located in the Egypt’s capital Cairo and the coastal city of Alexandria, including the new Capital Stadium and Hassan Mustafa Stadium in the western suburbs of Cairo are two new venues.

International Handball Federation President Hassan Mustafa has previously stated that for players participating in the men’s world handball championships, anyone who violates the new crown epidemic prevention and control regulations will be disqualified. The Czech Republic team announced before the game that the team will be represented by North Macedonia as the number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in the team exceeds the maximum number allowed for the event The team takes the place. At the same time, the U.S. team was unable to participate because some of its members tested positive for the new crown virus before going to Egypt. According to an announcement published on the International Handball Federation website, the Swiss team will replace the U.S. team.

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In the opening match held on the night of the 13th, the host Egypt defeated Chile with a score of 35-29, and currently ranks first in the group with 2 points. Previously, Egypt’s best result in this World Championship was to finish fourth in the 2001 competition held in France. (Receptionist Mi Chunze)