The AFC Champions League draw is finalized! Jiangsu is in the same group as Nagoya Whale and Pohang Iron Man

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Modern Express News (Reporter Wang Wei) On the afternoon of January 27th, Beijing time, the draw for the 2021 AFC Champions League was held at the AFC headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. Through the draw, the Jiangsu team was divided into Group G. In the same group are the Nagoya Whales from the Japan Vocational Federation and the Korea K League Pu Xiang Ironman, such a lottery is not good. According to the AFC notice, the AFC will start in April this year, and it is determined that it will be played in a tournament system, but the specific location of the game has not yet been determined. Whether China, which has four teams participating in the competition, is willing to undertake the game has also become a topic of concern to fans.

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△Jiangsu points in Group G

Jiangsu team is not easy to play in the group stage

This year, the AFC has expanded to 40 teams, and the grouping method is also Great changes have taken place, and for the first time the lottery pattern of seeded teams appears. Due to the good results of the Chinese Super League in recent years, it ranks first in the East Asian Division and has two seeded teams. The Jiangsu team also became the champion of the Super League last season and became the seeded team together with the FA Cup champion Shandong Luneng.

However, judging from the lottery results, the Jiangsu team’s lottery was not good. Jiangsu eventually joined the winners of the Nagoya Whales of the Japan Vocational Federation, Johor of Malaysia, Pohang Ironman of South Korea and Racha of Thailand. According to the rankings of last season, the Nagoya Whales ranked third in the Japanese J-League, and the Pohang Ironman ranked third in the Korean K-League, neither of which is an easy opponent. Johor is also a traditional strong team in Malaysia and has always been a frequent visitor to the AFC Champions League. It is worth mentioning that Jiangsu’s second-tier team in Group G was originally drawn to the port team of Thailand, but because of a”collision” with Racha in the fourth-tier, they were drawn to the Japanese professional league team. .

The 2021 season is the first time that the Jiangsu team has won the AFC Champions League three years after 2017. At present, the team’s top scorer Teixeira is”unpredictable”, and several other foreign players have not returned to the team for training. For Jiangsu, the 2021 AFC Champions League, the team’s prospects and mood, will not be seen until after the year.

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△Jiangsu was drawn from the official live broadcast screenshot

The game is scheduled to start in April

Due to the expansion to 40 teams, the AFC East and West Asia regions each have 5 Compared with the past, the rules for qualifying groups have also undergone considerable changes. The first place in each group in East and West Asia and the second place in the three groups with the best results in the two regions will advance to the top 16 together. The second place in the group will be in the order of points, goal difference, total goals, and fair play points.

In addition to the group qualifying rules, the knockout match situation has also changed compared with previous years. The 1/8 finals will be matched up in accordance with the rules formulated in advance by the AFC, and for the quarter-finals, the AFC will re-draw lots.

According to the schedule, the East Asian region qualifiers will be held on April 7, and the play-offs will be held on April 14. Beijing Guoan will compete during this period. The group stage will adopt a double round-robin tournament system and will be held from April 21st to May 7th. The 1/8 finals and 1/4 finals will be held on September 14/15 and September 28/29, and a single game will be used. The two rounds of the semi-final will be held on October 20th and 27th, and the two rounds of the final will be held on November 21st and 27th.

Is it possible for China to host the competition?

The grouping of the game has been set, and the time has been announced. Where to play? This is a major problem under the epidemic prevention and control. At the draw ceremony, the AFC has made it clear that the 2021 AFC Champions League will still adopt a centralized game system. However, where the tournament system will be played, it has not been decided.

However, unlike last year’s AFC Champions League West Asia and East Asia competitions, which focused on Qatar, the Doha development is different. This year, the AFC hopes that the competition of each group can be carried out in different countries and regions, which mainly hopes to expand the influence of the AFC. At present, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and other countries in West Asia have strong desire to host. In the East Asian Division, no country has disclosed its intention to host the game. In East Asia, China has four teams participating. Whether the AFC Champions League group match will be held in China has become a topic of concern to fans.

Hosting a game in China will undoubtedly have many advantages for Chinese football. First, the teams participating in the AFC Champions League in the Super League can play at home, eliminating the need for trouble. Secondly, judging from the current situation, not only the AFC has decided to adopt the game system, but also the most important task of Chinese football this year-the last four games of the Qatar World Cup qualifiers in the Asian top 40 games. There is a high probability that the game will also be completed by the game system. . If you host a group of AFC Champions League before hosting the top 40 matches, it will start a preview for the subsequent top 40 matches to better fight for the match. Third, judging from the current situation, there is a conflict between the AFC and the Super League schedule, and domestic competitions can ease the pressure of conflict to a certain extent. However, hosting the game in China will also put a certain amount of pressure on domestic epidemic prevention and control. The eventual success depends on the efforts of all parties.

Attachment:2021 AFC East Asia division situation

Group F:Pathum United (Thailand), Ulsan Hyundai (South Korea), Beijing Guoan (China) vs Brisbane Roar (Australia)/Kaya (Philippines)

Group G:Jiangsu (China), Nagoya Whale (Japan) , Johor Bahru (Malaysia), Pohang Ironman (South Korea) vs Ratchaburi (Thailand)

Group H:Jeonbuk Hyundai (South Korea), Gamba Osaka (Japan), Tampines Rangers (Singapore), Sydney (Australia)

Group I:Kawasaki Forward (Japan), Guangzhou Evergrande (China), United City (Philippines), Daegu (Korea) vs. Chiang Rai United (Thailand)

Group J:Shandong Luneng (China), Jiezhi (Hongkong, China), Thai Port (Thailand), Osaka Sakura (Japan) vsMelbourne City (Australia )/Shan State Union (Myanmar)