The championship is here, the money is gone, Zhang Jindong and Suning choose to retreat in rapids?

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In 2004, the first year of the Chinese Super League, the Shenzhen team invested by Zhang Hai aspired, but the qigong master failed to give the team A wad of banknotes has changed from thousands of miles away, and the players who have not paid for a few months staged a sad scene of winning the championship hungry. Zhu Guanghu At the press conference after winning the championship, Director Zhu choked up and said:”My player is so cute!”

16 years later, a team invested by a businessman surnamed Zhang won the championship. When his foreign coach was interviewed by his own national media, he said a meaningful sentence:”This is the saddest one in my history. Champion.” When winning the championship, the local media said that the new champion’s winning prize was 20 million, but then someone said that, except for a cold congratulatory letter, the team didn’t even eat a celebration banquet, let alone the prize money.

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Zhang Jindong took a high position and went up against the trend.

The rumors of wage arrears last September, and the desertedness after winning the championship today, I have to say that this winter is too cold for them. Not long after winning the championship, news came that the funding chain was broken. Although Zhang Jindong’s men desperately denied it, it caused a wave of social media searches on the Internet:”How long can Lao Zhang last?”

In order to boost confidence, Zhang Jindong took the company to repurchase his own bond with a high profile. The shares of the next two companies were pledged to Taobao in exchange for some life-saving money.

In fact, after the picture rumors were exposed, Lao Zhang’s bond risk estimate rose sharply, why is it a little bit? Because Zhang Jindong’s business has not been surplus for six consecutive years, and the extremely high debt ratio has kept a sword of Damocles hanging over his head.

As an entrepreneur, Lao Zhang is lucky. He knows all about his story. As an industry leader, Lao Zhang is a bit sad. Before the position of the boss of the rivers and lakes is hot, his subordinates are caught by the Internet. E-commerce killed a piece of armor without leaving it. When Lao Zhang realized that the crisis had brought his younger brother into the e-commerce tide, it was too late.

In the first half of 2020,”Wind Cat” and”Dong Ge’s Dog” accounted for 80%of the e-commerce market, while Lao Zhang’s lion only received a small 5%of the e-commerce market. . It’s a bit pitiful. This is the master of the Tiandihui, the handlebar of Causeway Bay!

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Of course, Lao Zhang worked very hard to break the game. In the field of sports, Lao Zhang has finished collecting Sainty’s Inter Milan, smashing domestically and internationally. He also bought the Chinese Super League King and Evergrande to challenge him, and even appointed Prince Stephen to go to Europe to go west to gilded.

At the inaugural meeting that year, Lao Zhang made a bold statement:”Five years to win the championship!” After saying this, Lao Zhang’s team went into a painful struggle after singing for a season, even a few seasons. Fight for relegation. Fortunately, hot money was rolling in those years, bubbles were surging, and banknotes were very profitable. As a result, this year’s winter was bitter, and the championship came.

Just after the peak, the rapids retreat?

On the other hand, the”prince prince” Zhang Kangyang’s Inter Milan has its ups and downs, but it hasn’t Won a championship and regain the glory of the year. With this report card that is not too dazzling in Europe,”Prince Prince”, like the principal of Wang Sicong, opened a social media account— —It seems that the food of new media is delicious.

In the field of video, Zhang Jindong took over the network TV company, took over the sports ecosystem of the”fake drug stop” teacher, and even played the Super Pay. But after playing for a few years, I discovered that China’s sports ecosystem is really ecological—very expensive, just like putting on silk clothes in primitive society. In an era when everyone is running naked, it is the hooligan who wears clothes.

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The Chinese Super League just pressed the gourd here, and the EFL floated again. Premier League officials cut off the contract with Lao Zhang on the grounds that they owed 160 million pounds in broadcasting fees. 160 million pounds (about 1.4 billion yuan). It’s more money than Lao Zhang’s Ali package… These years, Lao Zhang has also voted for sharing. Group purchases and convenience stores, but after the thunder, there are no raindrops.

Although I made 14 billion yuan from buying Ali’s stock during the period…but this money is not much left after six years of losses. Lao Zhang’s stall is too big, and for the aircraft carrier, any U-turn has unknown risks.

In 2009, Lao Zhang peaked with a market value of 100 billion yuan; by 2021, Lao Zhang’s market value was only 69.9 billion yuan. The winter of 2021 is not over yet, the Chinese Super League champion is still that champion, but Zhang is no longer the old Zhang. The once proud champion of the Chinese Super League, the minister who helped Lao Zhang win the Chinese Super League championship, left.