The coldest battle since coming to Spain! Wu Lei celebrates New Year’s first goal goal

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Beijing News, Beijing time last night, Wu Lei updated his weekly diary on his official account. He celebrated the first battle of the new year. Ball and said that this was the coldest football game he has ever played in Spain.

“I am very happy to score a goal in the first game of the new year. Although the opponent is a team from Division B, no team is willing to catch it. Their tenacity has won respect for themselves.”Wu Lei said that there has been heavy snowfall in northern Spain recently, and Burgos, where the game is played, belongs to northern Spain.”It should be considered the coldest place in Spain. This game is basically the coldest football game I have ever played since I came to Spain. The ice has frozen on the field,” he said.

Wu Lei said that not long after the game, Burgos started to snow,”This ancient city is also very charming with the white snow.”

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Source:Beijing News