The collapse of middle-aged women is the same

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Some time ago, I chatted with my friends and talked about their own family. Friends said with emotion: “For middle-aged women, it is no longer important to be unloved, and whether you can be clear is the most important thing.”< /p>

When I heard these words, my heart was cold, but when I think about it, who would say it is not?

The collapse of middle-aged women is the same

When women reach middle age, life is full of challenges And traps. Not only in the family, but also in the workplace.

A few days ago, an article “Women to Middle-aged, Not As Good as Dogs” was swiped in the circle of friends, which caused a lot of heated discussions.

After reading it, I always feel like a dog in my throat.

Nowadays, it is said that middle-aged men are not easy. When they wake up, they have to face the oppression of life, the insults of their boss, the expectation of their children and the “demand” of their wives.

But the middle-aged woman is here, there is nothing worse than it.

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Zhihu has a very high praise Question: What do middle-aged women think every day?

An answer with over 100,000 likes:

“I woke up at three o’clock at night. Since I gave birth, I can’t hold back urine anymore. I feel sleepy after going to the toilet. No, lying in the silent endless night thinking of my desperate life, tears are streaming down my face.

If nothing happens, my tomorrow will be the same, the day after tomorrow, and every day from now on.

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But deep down, many mothers still Eighteen-year-old girls, they also like to wear white lace dresses, and they also like to dress themselves beautifully.

But growing up here, they seem to be pushed by life. , She had to move forward.

So she got married, got married, had children, had a family, had a husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law.

She didn’t have time to go. Make a beautiful makeup, more unkempt, chai rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea.

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She has to do her best in the workplace, and she can do her job well when she returns home, so that all the young and old at home can be satisfied. This seems to be the greatest value of middle-aged women.

But, please also this society can treat middle-aged women a little bit better.

They are not supermen. Your mother was a little girl who loved makeup before, but now this right no longer belongs to her. ; She was also a girl who loves hot pot and barbecue before, but now she has to eat lightly for her children and family.

So, don’t superhumanize your mother.

As a young man, we end up thinking that our life is very long, I am not average, and my mother will not I am old, and I have a lot of time.

Time flies quickly, and my mother is gradually aging. They always say: You have a good life, don’t worry about us…


p >But in fact, if your parents have been living like this, what is the point of growing up?

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My article is not about the sadness of middle-aged women, nor is it to criticize society.

It’s the New Year approaching. 2020 is very unusual. This year we After experiencing too many impermanence in the world, Multi-Life suddenly gained a new understanding and cherished the people around me more.

I hope everyone can go home and see, cross the mountains and seas, and warm home!< /p>